With pending bids it is registered by Boston, Los Angeles, san Francisco, and also Washington, the 2024 Summer Olympics can return to the United states for the very first time in twenty-two years. The united States has hosted the Games an ext than any kind of other country, a full of eight time with four Summer Olympics and four Winter Olympics. In 1904, St. Louis, Missouri was the first, albeit unlikely, American hold of the Olympic Games.

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The 1904 gamings were originally awarded come Chicago, v Philadelphia and new York to run as other potential contenders. The planners that the Louisiana acquisition Exposition, an global World"s fair slated come take ar in St. Louis that summer, "stole the Olympics," through their plans for an occasion far greater. In a ploy to have actually the Olympic gamings occur alongside the World"s fair in St. Louis, the well-funded exposition planners i ordered it to have actually the Amateur strong Union hold the track and also field championships together a component of the World"s Fair. In turn, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) reluctantly exit plans for Chicago and moved the games to St. Louis.

Throughout history, preparations for the Olympic gamings have end up being increasingly installed within larger urban understand plans. Historically, cities have actually used the gamings to fuel city renewal and demonstrate sustainable and innovative practices. However, there room mounting involves over the true success of these urban planning practices, and also the future functions of Olympic structures as soon as the games have swept through the hold city.


Landscape Architect George Kessler transformed woodland Park come accommodate the an unified events. The currently wetlands in the western part of the park were drained and converted into five linked lakes, hundreds of trees to be planted, and sewer lines were produced which stay to this day. The the some 900 buildings erected, just two remain: the administration building because that the fair, which came to be Washington University"s top Brookings Hall, and also The royal residence of fine Arts, which ended up being the Saint Louis art Museum.

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Although the Louisiana acquisition Exhibition drew 20 million visitors, the Olympic games themselves take it a backseat. It was treated together an attraction because that the World"s Fair together opposed come a spectacle in and of itself. As a result, the Olympics were so poorly attended the it brought about one that the worst run games in the history of the Olympics. The being said, the Louisiana acquisition Exposition remains vital piece of St. Louis" history, and also made good changes to the city"s landscape, i beg your pardon persist come this day. In between preparations for and also recovery ~ the events, it is estimated that forest Park got an astonishing $500,000 worth of improvements.

Are thereany eventsthathave dramatically adjusted your city for much better or worse? What fairs or attractions have left an imprint upon your community? please share your story in the comments area below.