Debuting in 2003 and also hosted through supermodel Tyra Banks, America"s following Top Model quickly came to be a pop culture phenomenon. The human being loved city hall aspiring models fight for a career in the industry. Return the collection stayed ~ above the air for 12 years, one of its most renowned contestants to be the show"s very an initial winner: Adrianne Curry.

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The 21-year-old waitress was plucked from loved one obscurity out of she hometown of Joliet, Ill. Despite she failure to do it large in high fashion, Curry"s truth TV job made her a family members name, specifically if your household watched The Surreal Life and also My same Brady (Google it, kids!)

Curry, that will rotate 34 in 2016, is currently relegated to social media. Most folks most likely wouldn"t acknowledge her if she knocked on your front door. Let"s take it a gander at she Instagram pics to see how much she"s readjusted and figure out what she"s been approximately lately.


"Time because that a very delicious #GameofThrones pre display bbq! #HouseCurry" – June 2016

Being a 5"10" design doesn"t mean you can"t it is in a nerd. Curry"s favorite movie is The mr of the Rings: The Fellowship the the Ring, so it renders sense the she"s additionally a big Game the Thrones fan (seriously, she"s a big fan). Top top the day of the Season 6 series finale, Curry and her friend did it up right. Bonus: her wicked feeling of humor. Negative Tommen.


"It"s zit cream. After over a year through me, 75% of the moment he asks what"s on mine face" – June 2016

Zit cream selfies room all the fury on Instagram. It"s a brand-new beauty tendency that Marie Claire is "not mad around it." vast kudos to Curry for not pimping the product name. (We"re looking at you, Kylie Jenner.)


"Applying assembly in the automobile be like..." – June 2016

Not only have the right to Curry occupational the mascara in the auto like a pro, she"s additionally down with all the recent memes and those trendy expressions the cool children are using. Slay, girl, slay.


"Hanging v my girl the gluten cost-free aisle" – may 2016

Scientific research studies have shown that ghost wheat enters her body if girlfriend don"t tell world you"re gluten-free every 5 minutes, for this reason Curry determined to let us all know. We"re happy she did. Although, we think it"s claimed to be a secret. We"re a little confused, to be honest.


"Good morning!!" – march 2016

Need a morning pick-me-up? Curry has actually you covered. V coffee and an inspirational message, anything is possible.

"I"m gonna be bad....and eat mexico food 5 days prior to a picture shoot! #munchies #modeling" – April 2016

Scroll v Curry"s Instagram long enough, and also you"ll uncover there"s not much she loves an ext than food. She speaks for every one of us in that regard. Ns don"t know around you, but if i was planning to eat mexican food for five days straight, I"d absolutely want to share my an excellent fortune through the civilization as well. Steak fajitas might end wars.

"Beefcake! Leg job break because that a narcissist selfie. Internet narcissist take self takers unite! Look in ~ us! Behold our greatness! #fitness #legday" – in march 2016

Curry eats a lot and also works the end a lot. It"s important the only means to live. What"s amazing around this photo is the it has all the elements for a an excellent gym selfie: flashing the guns, to win By Dre, and also the People"s Eyebrow. She hit the trifecta on this one. Respect.

"I acquired these after he came ago from the variety #makelovenotwar" – march 2016

In enhancement to she love the all things food, Curry is additionally a lover that all points love. The more sentimental and also gushy the better. Situation in point: these unanticipated flowers indigenous her male made her cry. Her move, Tom Hiddleston.

"Hey guys....just wonderin if you"d prefer to turn to web page 394....#harrypotter" – April 2016

We don"t know exactly what is on web page 394 in those hogwarts textbooks, yet we"re hoping it"s a spell to do our skin look favor this. You never ever know!

According to she Twitter, Curry moved back to Los Angeles native Chicago in June 2016 through the assist of she longtime boyfriend, gibbs Matthew Rhode.

An avid gamer and a cosplay fanatic, she consistently makes appearances in ~ Comic-Cons roughly the country. She make news in 2014 at the mountain Diego Comic-Con, once she brought to light the blatant sex-related harassment the happens at most conventions. She made even bigger news through beating up the guy at said Comic-Con who dared to shot it with her. Note: she to be dressed as Catwoman in ~ the time.

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Bottom line: despite she might not be a member the Taylor Swift"s version squad, Curry appears to be doing just fine living the life of a typical person. The fierce and also outspoken personality viewers fell in love with on America"s following Top Model numerous moons back is still strutting that stuff, albeit on a an ext inconspicuous level.