due to the fact that 1917, when Representative Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the very first woman to serve in Congress, an ext than 300 women have actually followed. Females in Congress records their service.

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/tiles/non-collection/e/ed_factsheet_wic_rankin_hc.xml arsenal of the U.S. priziv.org of Representatives around this thing Jeannette Rankin the Montana, an initial Woman to serve in Congress
“We will no much longer wait because that political strength to be common with us, we will take it.”— Representative Cardiss Collins

Four year after Jeannette Rankin was elected to the residence of to represent in 1916, females won the appropriate to vote nationally, v the ratification that the 19th amendment in 1920. At times, adjust for females in Congress has actually been nearly imperceptible, as exemplified by the subtle transition in women’s committee assignments after human being War II. At other times, readjust has to be bold and dramatic, as confirmed by the 1992 “Year of the Woman” elections. An excellent triumphs and also historic firsts highlight women’s initial foray into national politics office.

Fast Facts

First woman elected to the home of Representatives Jeannette Rankin that Montana was chosen to the priziv.org of to represent in 1916 and also sworn into Congress in 1917. First woman to preside over the SenateHattie Caraway of Arkansas was the very first woman to preside over the Senate chamber in 1943. First woman to chair a committee in the SenateHattie Caraway of Arkansas was the an initial woman to chair a Senate committee in 1933. State through the many women Members that CongressHistorically, California has had the many women Members in Congress.

Teaching advice

Have students usage Women in congress to develop a timeline the important dates in the priziv.org of females who have served in Congress. Ask college student to compose a theoretical diary or journal entry indigenous Jeannette Rankin quickly after her first election to congress in 1916. Have actually students use Representative Rankin’s file in females in Congress for background research. Compose a perform of topics with students that could be included in the entry (potential benefits and drawbacks of being the first and just woman in Congress.) Then have students write another journal entry from Representative Rankin after ~ she was chosen to a second term in the home in which castle compare and contrast the 2 experiences. Begin a class discussion with Representative mary Norton’s quote, “I’m no lady; i’m a Member of Congress.” ask students to think around the meaning of the quote, the possible context, and also how the statement may have been concerned the experience of the at an early stage women who offered in Congress.

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Have students usage Women in conference to research the lives of the females pioneers who offered in Congress.