Montgomery was convicted of strangling a Missouri woman in 2004 and taking her unborn baby. Her lawyers argue that she had actually severe mental illness.

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A mrs holds a authorize in peoples Park come protest versus the death penalty and also a tide of executions at the Terre Haute commonwealth prison during the critical months that Donald Trump's presidency, in Bloomington, Ind., ~ above Dec. 4, 2020.Jeremy Hogan / Sipa USA via AP file
Lisa Montgomery, a judge killer who strangled a pregnant mrs in 2004 and then cut the unborn infant from she womb, was executed in a commonwealth prison in Indiana at an early stage Wednesday. She was the first woman enforcement in the federal device in practically seven decades.

Montgomery, 52, was pronounced dead at 1:31 a.m. Wednesday ~ receiving a lethal injection in ~ the federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, the federal Bureau that Prisons said.

Earlier Wednesday, the can be fried Court lifted an appeals court stay that had actually blocked the execution, and also it denied a inquiry for a remain filed through Montgomery"s attorneys that elevated mental illness concerns.

"The craven bloodlust the a failed management was top top full screen tonight," Kelley Henry, an attorney for Montgomery, claimed in a statement.

Henry has said that Montgomery experienced from significant mental disease that was "exacerbated by the lifetime of sexual torture she suffered at the hand of caretakers," and her lawyers sought a chance to prove she incompetence.

The execution comes in the waning job of the trump administration, i m sorry in 2019 announced to plan to bring out the first federal executions in 17 years. President-elect Joe Biden has suggested he would put a moratorium ~ above the federal fatality penalty.

Lisa Montgomery.Maryville everyday Forum / via AP file

Montgomery to be initially set to be enforcement in December, yet the date was delay after her attorneys, who space based in Nashville, Tennessee, contracted the coronavirus between traveling come Texas and working on her case.

The spread out of Covid-19 throughout prisons, consisting of at the Indiana facility wherein all federal executions take it place, added to enhanced criticism over the resumption the the federal fatality penalty last year, even as states placed a halt to executions.

With Wednesday"s lethal injection, the Trump administration has put 11 world to death over the previous seven months, the many executions in a presidential lame-duck duration in much more than 130 years.

Montgomery"s execution, which had been planned for Tuesday, was one of three scheduled by the department of justice this week.

In a judgment Tuesday, referee Tanya S. Chutkan the the U.S. Ar Court for the district of Columbia, rule to stay the two various other federal executions, those of Dustin Higgs and also Corey Johnson.

Johnson, judge of death seven civilization related to medicine trafficking in Virginia, and also Higgs, convicted of notified the murders of three women in Maryland, both tested optimistic for Covid-19 critical month.

Chutkan composed in her decision that it is not in the public interest come execute the two men.

In December 2004, Montgomery, then 36 and also living in Kansas, crossed state lines to the Missouri residence of Bobbie Jo Stinnett, whom she had met at a dog show, commonwealth prosecutors said. Stinnett to be eight months pregnant.

Montgomery strangled Stinnett with a rope and also used a kitchen knife she had brought from residence to eliminate the fetus, follow to court documents. The infant girl survived. Montgomery make the efforts to happen her off as her own, yet was easily arrested and later judge by a jury and also sentenced unanimously to death.

Montgomery had been incarcerated in one all-female federal prison in ft Worth, Texas, where staff is trained to attend to mental health issues. She lawyers said that they weren"t arguing that she didn"t worthy to be punished, however rather that the jury never completely learned of her severe mental illnesses together diagnosed through doctors.


In a nearly 7,000-page clemency petition filed this month, her lawyers say she mother"s alcoholism resulted in her to be born brain-damaged and "resulted in incurable and far-ranging psychiatric disabilities." They also detailed Montgomery"s cases of physical abuse, rape and also torture at the hand of her stepfather and also others and being sex trafficked by she mother.

"Everything around this situation is overwhelmingly sad," the petition says. "As people we want to turn away. The is straightforward to speak to Mrs. Montgomery evil and a monster, as the government has. She is neither."

Diane Mattingly, an older sister the Montgomery, called reporters last week the she, too, suffered sex-related abuse in the home prior to being inserted in foster care. She has actually been vocal in recent months that her sister"s life should be spared.

"I entered a location where i was loved and also cared for and also shown self-worth," Mattingly said. "I had a an excellent foundation. Lisa walk not, and she broke. She accurate broke."


In October, the righteousness Department explained the instance as an "especially heinous" murder. The Missouri ar where she victim had lived gathered last month come remember Stinnett, with some expressing assistance for Montgomery"s execution.

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The U.S. Government last executed a mrs inmate in 1953, when Bonnie Brown Heady of Missouri was put to fatality for the kidnapping and also murder that a young young in a ransom plot.