Kylie Jenner and her lip kits may have actually popularised the whole pouty-lip aesthetic, but she certainly isn’t the just one who’s got something come flaunt. Transforms out, specific aquatic creatures normally sport all of sudden plump lips that placed fillers come shame.

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Photos posted by a Twitter user ~ above July 2 attribute a fish v weirdly human-like lips and teeth.

“Her lips room sexier 보다 mine,” the Twitter user bemoaned, with a frontal shooting that reflects off the fish’s rounded lips and neat white teeth, parted in an practically sultry manner.

The write-up quickly go viral, amassing end 8,200 retweets and also 14,000 likes.

And that didn’t take long before intrigued netizens to be making memes out that the peculiar-looking creature, payment tribute come its enviable lips.

The hair-raising fish in question was identified as a triggerfish. There are 40 different types of triggerfish approximately the world. As its name suggests, they have the right to be pretty aggressive — your teeth room so strong, they have the right to apparently rip personally sea urchins and puncture diving suits.

But the triggerfish isn’t the only aquatic creature through unexpectedly luscious lips and pearly white teeth. Transforms out, there space a lot an ext fish v human-like chompers than we think.

At an initial glance, the sheepshead fish, typically found in the Americas, appears to grin with a set of eerily human-like teeth. Yet a closer look reveals lot of rows of molars embedded all over the inside of its mouth, which, merged with that muscular jaw, enables it come crunch ~ above clams, crabs, and also oysters.

The blue dolphin cichlid hails from Lake Malawi in Africa, however has become popular among fishkeepers everywhere the world. It’s well-known for its influential blue hue, signature bump on that is head, and human-like lips. If they're not all gifted v an top pout, at least one of them is — simply look at this video.

Also originating native Lake Malawi room the Mdoka white lips, an aggressive, carnivorous bunch the are well-known for their thick white lips. This one caught in a video clip has lips plump sufficient to offer Kylie a operation for she money.

The pacu, i m sorry originates from south America, is a loved one of the piranha, though unlike that is movie-famous cousin, the pacu is mainly herbivorous. Yet don’t belittle the pacu just yet — its distinctive chompers and also muscular jaw are solid enough to crush seeds and nuts.

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