Following an investigation by consumer Reports that connected the Fisher-Price Rock’n pat sleepers come at least thirty-two child deaths, the agency recalled all five million sleepers from the market.

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If you own a Rock’n pat sleeper, you should understand that both the Mattel-owned Fisher-Price and the unified States customer Product safety Commission claimed that customers need to stop using the product immediately.

How to inquiry a Fisher-Price Rock’n play Recall Refund?

If you very own a rock ‘n play Sleeper, you should stop making use of the items immediately. You can disassemble the product and also return it come Matel to obtain a complete refund. 

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Here is how to carry out it: 

Click ~ above the United claims iconOn the remind page choose the proper quantity and click ContinueFill in the form on the bespeak page. As soon as you to fill in your contact details, click proceed CheckoutElectronic goods Return display will appear, containing her billing and also shipping info, product number, product description, and Parts to be ReturnedClick ~ above the parts to be Returned column to see additional detailsOnce you evaluation your info, click submit OrderWith this step, you have completed your order because that a prepaid e-mail label. It should be yielded within ten organization daysOnce you gain your prepaid mailing label usage it to delivery two small parts the the Sleeper—called hubsMake sure to encompass the initial purchase receipt v your delivery return. If friend don’t have actually the receipt, compose the month and year of purchase on one of the hubs

You should keep the rest of her product, except the hubs, and a copy of the receipt if you have it. Also, save a copy the the shipping receipt until you receive your recall resolution. 

Will You gain Your absent ‘n beat Recall Refund once You Return the Sleeper?

Fisher-Price will issue you either a refund or a gift card, depending upon how lengthy you had actually the Sleeper. 

Once you have actually shipped both hubs come Mattel, it have the right to take from 12 come 16 main for your request come process. 

There is no method to monitor the process, but you will certainly be educated of your recall resolution one of two people by email or via phone call call.

If girlfriend encounter any type of problems or have any questions because that the Fisher-Price assistance team, you can call them at 866-812-6518

I Bought another Product from Mattel. What Is their Refund Policy?

If girlfriend purchased an additional Mattel product and wish come return it, you deserve to do that within 30 job of receiving it. 

Here room Mattel’s refund rule you should be aware of:

You need to encompass the original proof the purchaseYou can’t return damaged or broken itemsYou must return the product in the complete original box and also packaging

If your refund is approved, it will certainly be issued to your original payment method. The refund consist of the acquisition price the the items and applicable sales taxes. Shipping and processing fees are non-refundable.

How to obtain a Refund from Mattel?

To return the product to Mattel and also get a refund you need to complete three main steps:

Complete and also print a Return FormGenerate and also print a prepaid shipping labelDeliver her return package come Mattel

How to Complete and Print a Return Form?

Here space the steps you should take to complete the return form:

Print out the pageWrite down your call info consisting of name, address, email, and phone numberWrite under the variety of your orderIn the table go into quantity, article code, article name and also price because that each item you wish to returnYou can likewise indicate if you want a refund or one exchangeInput the equivalent code because that return reason—reasons and also their password are listed below the table

Pack the kind together with your item, and also proof of acquisition in a cardboard box.

Generate and Print a Prepaid Shipping Label

Here is just how to perform this:

Scroll down till you reach step Two section and also Label GeneratorIn the generator, write down your very first name, critical name, and also ZIP Code. You also need to discover your state in the dropdown menuClick create LabelPrint the brand from the pop-up windowFold label and place in a pouch or sheathe it fully with clear tape so the the barcode section can be read and scanned

Deliver your Package come Mattel

Once you have actually your items packed in addition to the return form, and a prepaid label solved to the box, you can take the parcel to her local post office or send it via FedEx.

Some points to take note of:

Remove any other addresses and also barcodes indigenous the exterior of the boxMake certain you compose down the tracking number Ask for a receipt as proof the mailingMake sure not to placed your package in a dropbox or mailbox

Once you complete every one of the steps, it have the right to take up to 4 weeks for her request to it is in processed. 

If her request gets approved, suppose the refund to be in your account within 2 weeks.

There is no way to track the process, however you have the right to expect an email from Mattel, notifying you around your return and also refund process.

Use come Request your Refund native Matell in simply a couple of Steps!

* is your digital assistant application that can aid with sending your refund request come Mattel. 

Here is exactly how to perform it:

Pick the Chargeback instantly optionProvide the chatbot v details around your bankEnter Mattel together the name of the merchantFollow further essential steps to establish your case will then generate a conflict letter and send it directly to your bank. It can send the letter to Mattel as well, questioning for a refund. 

You will also receive all relevant documentation should you decide to go more with her case.

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