The Loma Prieta earthquake in October 1989 was a really serious catastrophe that brought about hardship and also heartbreak for numerous Bay Area residents. News footage broadcast anywhere the human being showed collapsed freeways, wrecked buildings and other damages inside mountain Francisco and the neighboring area. Curiously, this seismic occasion resulted in a most unexpected phenomenon: the come of thousands of sea lions to the K-Dock ~ above Pier 39 on mountain Francisco’s Waterfront. These naval mammals began arriving in January 1990 and also they just kept coming. Initially, your arrival produced quite an upset for Pier 39 Marina tenants, as they blocked access to the pier and also prevented fishermen and also pleasure boaters from acquiring their vessels in and also out of the pier. ~ consulting with specialists at The naval Mammal Center about how to deal with the new arrivals, the tenants determined to allow the sea lions stay and the anniversary of their arrival has come to be an annual event.

Today, visitors have the right to see sea lions at Pier 39 practically every day. Together the seasons change and prey accessibility in mountain Francisco only waxes and wanes, so perform their numbers, yet the ideal time to view the most of these superior creatures is January. This annual event is usually organized the third weekend of January indigenous Friday v Monday. The event is cost-free and visitors gain a rare chance to gain a nearby look at these pets lolling and also basking ~ above K-Dock. Travellers attending the Anniversary can ask questions and learn more about these animals from experts at The marine Mammal Center and also the Aquarium that the Bay, who occupational with these animals on a daily basis and also can analyze their behavior.

If you’d choose to check out the Anniversary this year, simply head under to Pier 39 and also begin wade around. It’s a fun setting with food and drink vendors, street performers, attractions like the Aquarium that the Bay and many other cool things to see and do. Finest of all, girlfriend only need to spend what you treatment to on food, drinks and also souvenirs. Watching, snapping pictures and listening come the din the barking sea lions is free! For a small vicarious viewing, girlfriend can examine out the live webcam at Parking is available near Pier 39, yet you’re much far better off go or acquisition mass transportation, together the parking prices are a little steep. For an ext information around this and also other events on Pier 39, visit

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