“The T-Tapp mechanism is the right anti-aging workout. Highly recommended!”–Nicholas Perricone, M.D., new York time bestselling author The most efficient and effective exercise you’ll ever do!Imagine one exercise regime that needs no equipment, no weights, and also no bands. There is no jumping or tension to her joints. Yet everyone gets outcomes regardless the fitness level! developed by famous fitness skilled Teresa Tapp, the revolutionary T-Tapp exercise reshapes your body while that fires up your metabolism. Every you need is four square feet of space and simply 15 minutes a job in order to check out a dramatic ns of inches. How does the work? T-Tapp’s distinctive sequence that comprehensive, link muscle motions works the muscle layer by layer, from the within out, come cinch, tighten, and also tone them and also burn fat better. Fit and also Fabulous in 15 minute is the complete arrival to this remarkable program. By law Teresa Tapp’s signature 15-minute workout, or the extended 45-minute workout, you can:• lose a garments size–in simply two mainly • flatten your belly without doing a solitary crunch• develop strength and improve bone density without lifting a single weight• construct sleek muscles and improve posture• reduced blood pressure and also cholesterol the herbal way• enhance blood-sugar level in form 2 diabetesThe no-impact exercise is for sure for those v shoulder, hip, knee, neck, and back concerns, and is additionally effective because that those with problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. With T-Tapp you’re structure a far better body–inside and also out.Completely depicted with step-by-step photographs that show how to do the exercises, Fit and also Fabulous in 15 Minutes also includes inspiring testimonials and also an easy-to-follow food plan. If you want actual results–real fast–tap into the strength of T-Tapp!

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TERESA TAPP is an around the world renowned fitness professional who arisen T-Tapp, a revolutionary rehabilitative fitness program. She has actually certified instructors all over the world. Tapp has showed up on local ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and also UPN affiliates throughout the country, and articles ~ above T-Tapp have appeared in many publications, consisting of Woman’s World, Prevention, Fit, and Parade magazines. She lives in Tampa Bay, Florida. Visit her website at www.t-tapp.com.BARBARA SMALLEY is a freelance writer specializing in women’s issues and also the co-author of six books. Her articles have showed up in more than fifty nationwide magazines, consisting of Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Parenting, family Circle, Woman’s Day, Elle, and also Reader’s Digest. For the past eight years, she has actually been writing generally for Woman’s human being magazine.

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She is a previous recipient of the call ATHENA Award, an worldwide honor that recognizes women who selflessly provide of your time and talents to aid other ladies reach your goals. She resides in Athens, Georgia.

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