Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To be a Baptist minister and a society activist that played a critical role in the polite rights motion until his assassination in 1968.

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Here are 8 facts around Dr. King that you might not know. Plus, we have two means to storage Dr. King"s tradition locally!

1. King’s birth name was Michael, not Martin. 

The civil rights leader to be born Michael King Jr. On January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, GA. In 1934, his dad traveled come Germany and became influenced by the Protestant improvement leader young name Luther. Together a result, King Sr. Adjusted his name and also that the his 5-year-old son.

2. King skipped two qualities in high school and also started his college education and learning at Morehouse college at the period of fifteen. 

After acquiring his level in sociology native Morehouse, boy name earned a divinity degree from Crozer Seminary and also then a doctorate level in theology from Boston University.

3. Mohandas Gandhi to be a significant influence on King. 

While in ~ Crozer Theological Seminary, Dr. King was presented to the teachings of Gandhi. In an interview, King stated he to visit a lecture from the chairman of Howard University offered in Philadelphia around Gandhi, and also he ended up being “deeply influenced” by the philosophy of nonviolence.

4. King was the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel peace Prize in 1964. 

He obtained the prize because that combating racial inequality v nonviolence at the period of 35.

5. Components of his most renowned “I have actually a Dream” decided were apparently ad-libbed. 

During the 1963 march on Washington, King delivered a speech ready by his speechwriter, Clarence Jones. That grew more passionate during the speech, and also towards the finish of the speech, he began to speak straight from his heart. Follow to PBS, those well known lines that everyone deserve to quote (“I have actually a dream that someday this country will rise up, live the end the true meaning of that is creed…”) were improvised.

6. The civil legal rights leader to be arrested 29 times and assaulted 4 times. 

King was viewed as a hazard to American security by police officials. He went to jail virtually 30 times, arrested for acts the ‘civil disobedience,’ including the time he was jailed in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1956 because that driving five miles per hour over the speed limit. File trails from the FBI present that the company made efforts to thwart king progress. After ~ his “I have actually a Dream” speech in 1963, the FBI intensified your investigation into King.

7. His mom was also murdered through a gunman. 

On June 30, 1974, Alberta Williams King to be shot by a gunman who declared that Christians to be his enemy and also that he got “divine instructions” to kill King’s father. The shooting developed at Ebenezer Baptist Church, wherein Mrs. King to be the organist. The shooter had actually planned to kill Martin Luther King Sr. His wife was closer to the gunman and was fatally wounded. The shooter to be convicted, receiving the fatality penalty, which was later readjusted to life in prison.

8. King is the only non-president to have a nationwide holiday in his name. 

In 1983, chairman Ronald Reagan signed a bill the would create a nationally observed vacation in remembrance of King. That is the just non-president to have received together an honor; the other American to have actually a vacation commemorated in his name is George Washington. The holiday was very first celebrated in 1986 top top the 3rd Monday in January, close come MLK’s birthday on January 15. The is also the only non-president v a memorial located on the nationwide Mall in Washington, DC.

Here are two neighborhood ways come celebrate Dr. King"s legacy.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Job Celebration 2021 Imagining A civilization Without Racism

Ogden Museum of southern Art | 925 Camp St., new Orleans | 504.539.9650


In honor of martin Luther King Jr.’s life and also legacy, Ogden Museum of southerly Art presents their 4th Annual FREE martin Luther King Jr. Job Celebration top top Monday, Jan. 18. Join them at Ogden Museum or at home as they usage art to imagine a people without racism! There room a selection of means to celebrate:

Celebrate at Ogden Museum:

Explore the Museum and also participate in a scavenger hunt based on works on see in the galleries. Scavenger hunting participants are gotten in to win prizes.

Celebrate in ~ Home:

Pick up a FREE Ogden Museum MLK work Celebration Art activity Bag include art activities exploring the life of martin Luther King Jr. And also the Civil rights Movement, step-by-step instructions and all supplies. A restricted number of art activity bags will certainly be available for pick-up in ~ the Museum and also all 15 areas of the new Orleans windy Library while gives last.

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Honoring boy name Luther King Jr. At NOMA


New olions Museum of art | One Collins C. Diboll Circle, new Orleans City Park | 504.658.4100

Join NOMA in person and online come celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through immersing yourself in art and also culture. NOMA will be offering FREE admission top top Monday, January 18, indigenous 10 am-3 afternoon to commemorate the day.

Celebrate in ~ NOMA:

Celebrate Online:

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