Five Finger death Punch release video focusing ~ above drummer Charlie Engen, with the band revealing just how they discovered Jeremy Spencer’s replacement


Five Finger fatality Punch have confirmed that drummer Charlie Engen will certainly play on their upcoming studio album.

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He was lugged into the fold in December critical year for live mirrors after Jeremy Spencer was compelled to stop after having a 2nd operation on his back.

The latest video in your studio series focuses ~ above Engen and also how five Finger death Punch uncovered him – through the clip reflecting his brand-new bandmates praising the drummer and also his style.

Engen also talks around what he thinks is the toughest tune to beat live and also reflects on his very first show through the band.

He says: “I was in Kansas and it was a good day. I wasn’t also nervous or anything, however right prior to the show, ns remember feeling the nerves because that the an initial time, like, ‘All right, this is real. Let’s go!’

“To absent it in former of 13,000 people... I was jacked increase – i felt great.”

Earlier this week, guitarist Zoltan Bathory hinted at the direction that the follow-up to 2018’sAnd Justice for None, saying it’s going come contain part “nasty riffs.”

He added: “The vocals are an excellent – type of likeWar Is The AnswerandThe way Of The Fista small bit. Because that some factor the music is shifting ago to that more heavier side.

“And, man, I"m really, really curious to see exactly how it’s walk to revolve out, because… wow! I"m really happy through what"s happening.”

Five Finger fatality Punch will take a break from studio sessions from next month once they head out on the road throughout North America.


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