Knife laws in Texas Overview

The lone star state is well-known for being tough to control and filled with solid willed people. In 2017 these world went through some significant changes in your laws about knives. Where as soon as they complied with some the the exact same standards as many other states for restricting details knives and the sales and also uses the knives, they currently have an ext open, yet still strict policies.

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Rather than restrict any knife in particular, Texas has chosen to categorize knives by your length. Blades that are 5.5 customs or much less may be carried by anyone and everyone. However, chisels over 5.5 inches in length have the right to only be brought by minors in certain situations, and also not at every in certain areas.

The places restricted are written as follows:

Sec. 46.03. Places WEAPONS PROHIBITED. (a) A person commits an offense if the human being intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly own or goes with a firearm, illegal knife, club, or banned weapon provided in section 46.05(a):

(1) ~ above the physical premises the a school or educational institution, any kind of grounds or structure on i beg your pardon an activity sponsored through a institution or educational college is being conducted, or a passenger transportation automobile of a institution or educational institution, even if it is the college or educational school is public or private, unless:

(A) pursuant to written regulations or created authorization the the institution; or

(B) the human being possesses or goes with a surprise handgun that the person is licensed to bring under Subchapter H, thing 411, government Code, and also no various other weapon come which this section applies, on the premises of an school of greater education or personal or independent college of greater education, on any grounds or structure on which an activity sponsored by the institution is gift conducted, or in a passenger transportation auto of the institution;

(2) ~ above the basic of a polling ar on the job of an choice or while at an early stage voting is in progress;

(3) on the basic of any government court or workplaces utilized through the court, uneven pursuant to composed regulations or composed authorization the the court;

(4) top top the premises of a racetrack;

(5) in or into a secured area of one airport; or

(6) within 1,000 feet of premises the location of i m sorry is designated through the Texas room of Criminal Justice together a location of execution under short article 43.19, password of Criminal Procedure, top top a day the a sentence of death is set to be applied on the designated premises and the human being received notification that:

(A) going within 1,000 feet that the premises through a weapon noted under this subsection was prohibited; or

(B) own a weapon detailed under this subsection within 1,000 feet of the premises to be prohibited.

The language can acquire a small mixed together, for this reason a an ext direct list of areas which you can’t carry a blade over 5.5 inch is:

Schools, including colleges and universitiesPolling ar on a day votes are being castCourts or court officesWithin 1000 feet that a designated site of execution that the day of the executionSchool or experienced sporting eventsRacetracksAirports

Of course, all constant government based offices are illegal areas as well, which is a country wide standard. Together well, minors are able to lug blades that are above the length if they are under adult supervision, and/or are traveling in or come a home, car, or boat. The just other exception declared is for hunting purposes, however generally this would loss under the adult supervision section.

Table that Contents:

Overview that Knife legislations In TexasWhich types of Knives space Legal in Texas?Texas Knife surprise Carrying LawsTexas Open bring Knife LawsTexas fixed Blade Knife LawsTexas bag Knife LawsTexas Knife regulations in 2018

Which types of Knives are Legal in Texas?

Type that Knife

Legal (*with restrictions)


Pocket Knife / urgently Knife


Butterfly Knives


Switch Blade


Bowie Knives






Dirks / Daggers / Stilettos


Ballistic Knives


Misleading Knives


Hidden Knives


Texas Knife covert Carrying Laws

Texas has no restrictions on that is concealed lug laws. So lengthy as the knife is in ~ the other restrictions put by the state climate the human being carrying the knife is legally may be to lug the knife concealed.

Texas Open bring Knife Laws

Texas’ open carry and also concealed bring laws room both the same. All legislations are dependency on the size of the blade, and also the period of the holder. If the blade is below 5.5 inches climate it is legal because that anyone to bring it to any location, other than the usual federal government offices. If it is over then, covert or not, the is illegal for someone under 18 and also outside of details conditions to bring it, and illegal for anyone to lug it within the restricted areas.

Texas fixed Blade Knife Laws

These are totally legal to bring depending ~ above the tongue length. If the addressed blade is below 5.5 inches climate it is legit to carry for everyone within many every part of the state.

Texas bag Knife Laws

Generally, bag knives aren’t longer than 5.5 inches. So long as the bag knife is under that length it is legal because that anyone to bring it, and it deserve to be carried virtually anywhere in Texas. There room no limitations on this.

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Texas Knifes regulations in 2018

Texas in 2017 completely revised their knife laws. Often huge revisions have the right to come through a number of changes later on to ensure safety standards room still being met. At this time there are no foreseen law alters in 2018, yet it should be monitored for any and also all that wish to visit the lone star state.