Season 5, episode 1 The Baker residence

Joanna turns a small bungalow right into a cozy cottage retreat because that a woman after the passing of her husband. Jo it s okay to work developing a dream home with irradiate neutral colors, herbal wood elements and spaces to hang photos and memorabilia.

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Season 5, episode 2 The Lunar Lander

Two world-travelers speak to on Joanna to rotate their dated Tudor residence into a Parisian-eclectic dream home. Jo and her team customize every information of this home and incorporate a fun surprise not featured in the initial episode.

Season 5, illustration 3 The Scrivano house

Joanna and also her team incorporate a couple"s classic and modern-day styles right into a Tudor-style house while preserving its historic, 1920s charm. Plus, Jo expose a wallpaper-covered guest bathroom no featured in the initial episode.

Season 5, episode 4 The Ivy house

Joanna and her style team transform the outdated Ivy residence into a rustic seaside retreat for a household of four. Jo additionally reveals a truly distinct master bathroom no featured in the original episode the Fixer Upper.

Season 5, episode 5 The Holmes residence

Chip and also Joanna aid their friend turn a tiny house top top his land into a youthful bachelor retreat for his son. Jo provides the residence a modern-day mountain cabin feel v black metal and warm hardwood accents, pass-through kitchen windows and a absent fire pit.

Season 5, illustration 6 The Lee house

Joanna teams up with a family members to revolve their outdated residence into a classic beauty. Their mutual love for clean, timeless styles presents a an obstacle for Jo, that must find a means to to fill the residence with the rich details and also character castle desire.

Season 5, illustration 7 The Morrison home

Joanna helps a family members turn your outdated ranch home into a French country retreat. She supplies soft neutral colors, lots of texture, natural wood tones and floor-to-ceiling home windows to blend the existing traditional elements with the new.

Season 5, episode 8 The Sandvall residence

Joanna and her architecture team take on The mountain House, a 1980s-era house in Woodway, TX, that lacks character and also charm. She gets to job-related balancing clean, traditional style with necessary spaciousness because that the household of five.

Season 5, episode 9 native Lackluster come Retro-Modern

Joanna draft a residence for she sister and brother-in-law, Mikey and also David, and their five children. She blends elements of vintage, modern and retro styles in a cohesive method for her sister and designs three distinctive rooms for the kids.

Season 5, episode 10 The Ramsey residence

Joanna blends the clean and basic look of Scandinavian design with the textures and also patterns of Moroccan layout in one 1890s farmhouse. She likewise finds a means to do the upstairs to the right for 5 kids, adding a second bathroom and also a cozy attic bedroom.

Season 5, illustration 11 Ranch to modern-day Mediterranean

Joanna and also her design team transform a 1970s ranch home into a modern Mediterranean retreat. She additionally reveals a surprised room the was no featured in the original Fixer upper episode.

Season 5, illustration 12 The Pahmiyer home

Joanna encounters the challenge of do a newly created home feel favor a cozy, european cottage for a family. From antique doors and mantles to heat woods and also soft paint colors, Jo walk all the end to med Old-World charm right into the brand-new house.

Season 5, episode 13 The Herrera home

Joanna restores a 100-year-old home for a family. In addition to preserving the charm that the initial house, she create a modern farmhouse-style design and also implements a library wall surface and the number nine into the decor.

Season 5, episode 14 The Ballas Loft

Joanna take away on a design challenge that"s various than her usual fixer-upper. The client wants to view her bland, industrial-style loft in downtown Waco, Texas, converted right into an industrial modern-day dream home.

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Season 5, episode 15 The Brooks home

Joanna is tasked with developing a contemporary farmhouse architecture inside one old barn because that a wounded veteran and also his girlfriend. She transforms the barn with modern elements, consisting of concrete countertops, sleek black color metal and stainless stole fixtures.