Joanna Gaines gives the complete story behind happen details and also designs together for she Season 5 Fixer top clients. She unveils surprises viewers didn't see in the initial episodes and also gives a emergence at never-before-seen rooms.

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Joanna Gaines and her architecture team transform the "Little Shack ~ above the Prairie" right into a couple's dream home. Jo works with her architecture assistant and local artist to customize every detail of the home and incorporate a surprised for the couple's 2 children.

Joanna turns a little bungalow into a warm cottage retreat for a mrs after the passing of her husband. Jo gets to work creating a dream house with irradiate neutral colors, herbal wood elements and also spaces to hang photos and memorabilia.

Two world-travelers call on Joanna to rotate their date Tudor home into a Parisian-eclectic dream home. Jo and her team customize every information of this home and incorporate a funny surprise no featured in the original episode.

Joanna and also her team combine a couple's traditional and modern-day styles right into a Tudor-style house while preserving its historic charm. Plus, Jo discover a wallpaper-covered guest bathroom not featured in the original episode.
Joanna and her style team transform the outdated Ivy house into a rustic seaside retreat for a family members of four. Jo also reveals a truly unique master bathroom no featured in the original episode of Fixer Upper.
Chip and also Joanna help their friend revolve a small house on his land right into a youthful bachelor retreat because that his son. Jo gives the house a modern mountain cabin feel v black metal and also warm lumber accents and a beautiful rock fire pit.
Joanna teams up with a family to turn their outdated residence into a classic beauty. Their shared love because that clean, classic styles presents a an obstacle for Jo, who must discover a means to fill the house with the rich details and also character lock desire.
Joanna help a family members turn your outdated ranch home into a French country retreat. She uses soft neutral colors, many texture, natural wood tones and floor-to-ceiling home windows to mix the existing traditional elements with the new.
Joanna Gaines and also her design team lug traditional charm and also character to a 1980s-era residence in Woodway, TX. Throughout the reveal, Chip and Jo surprised the family with a beautiful grasp bathroom the wasn't watched on the initial episode.
Joanna design a home for she sister, brother-in-law and also their five children. She cohesively blends vintage, modern and retro styles before designing three distinct rooms for the kids not featured in the original episode.
Joanna blends the clean and basic look of Scandinavian style with the textures and also patterns the Moroccan style in one 1890s farmhouse. She likewise finds a way to make the upstairs right for five kids, adding a 2nd bathroom and a cozy attic bedroom.
Joanna and her design team convert a 1970s ranch house into a modern Mediterranean retreat. She additionally reveals a surprise room the was not featured in the initial Fixer upper episode.
Joanna encounters the difficulty of making a newly constructed home feel like a cozy, europe cottage because that a family. From antique doors and also mantles to warm woods and soft paint colors, Jo goes all out to infuse Old-World charm right into the brand-new house.
Joanna restores a 100-year-old house for a family. In enhancement to preserving the charm that the initial house, she create a modern-day farmhouse-style design and also implements a library wall and the number nine into the decor.
Joanna takes on a design challenge that's different than her usual fixer-upper. The client wants to see her bland, industrial-style loft in downtown Waco, Texas, converted into an industrial modern-day dream home.

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Joanna is tasked with developing a modern-day farmhouse style inside one old barn for a injured veteran and also his girlfriend. She transforms the barn with contemporary elements, including concrete countertops, sleek black metal and also stainless stole fixtures.