If you"re a pan of the HGTV present Fixer Upper, (and really, that isn"t?), climate you"ve involved not only love Chip and Joanna Gaines, yet their amazing capability to renovate homes and also turn them into something spectacular. And also as you watch one illustration after one more (and marvel over those entirely amazing transformations), you could wonder about all those fabulous furnishings that are in every show. Well, this is the secret about Fixer Upper the you weren"t claimed to know around — until now.

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It"s not just the Gaines" capability to make each residence look newspaper cover-worthy the keeps millions of fans tuning in — it"s the as whole aesthetic of the rooms together well. However if you believed that the homeowners gain to keep all of the furniture that"s provided as part of the staging, think again. Because that the many part, the furniture isn"t had in the all at once renovation budget, and also as such, the new homeowners don"t obtain to store it (via Bustle).

That said, there room some furniture items the the clients execute get. For example, noþeles by builder Clint Harp (who practice designs tables, chairs, and even islands because that families) is included in the budget and gets to remain (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

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Joanna Gaines even addressed the issue on her blog: "Our present features genuine clients with actual budgets. The furniture budget is not component of the remodeling budget, it"s something some clients include at the end," she wrote. "About half of ours clients currently have every their very own furnishings, some of which I usage for the reveal, and also others buy the items ns decorate the residence with" (via Apartment Therapy).

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So what wake up to the rest of the staging furniture? Well, it gets returned earlier to the Magnolia Market, i m sorry is the Gaines" storefront. If clients autumn in love v a piece (or five), they always have the choice to purchase it (via Insider). Castle can get an itemized perform of the pieces provided for the staging of the huge reveal, and opt to select which items they would favor to keep. But when you element in that the mean renovation top top Fixer Upper come in somewhere around $120,993, it can not leave a whole lot left to acquisition that planter or sofa (via Apartment Therapy).

If every this speak of Fixer Upper has actually you missing the good ol" days, don"t despair. The Gaines" have their very own network, the Magnolia Network, and their new show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home deserve to be watched via discovery+. Shiplap, anyone?