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Chris and also Lindy Ermoian. HGTV

Chip and also Joanna kick off each illustration of "Fixer Upper" by mirroring their clients 3 potential properties because that theirhouse flip.

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However,it turns out clients typically purchase a home prior to the present even beginning filming, according toLindyErmoian, whose home was featured onseason 3of "Fixer Upper."

It"s worth mentioning that David Ridley, another "Fixer Upper" alum, shared this mystery withCountry Livinglast year.


Lindy Ermoian's renovated residence on "Fixer Upper." HGTV

Lindy wasn"t in love v the rust-colored roof the herhouse, but Joanna graciously readily available to replace it for half price,Teodororevealed.

See incredible before-and-after photos native "Fixer Upper" here.


Jaime and also Kyle Ferguson. HGTV

Jaime Fergusonapplied to HGTV after relocating to Waco, Texas, from Austin. The really next day, she heard from the casting agency. However, Jamie had actually to go with a chat application interview, a composed questionnaire,a couple of phone calls, and also some meetings prior to ending up on the show.

She and her husband Kyle were additionally featured ~ above season 3 that "Fixer Upper."


Sara and also Jeff Jones. HGTV

In one interview through Apartment Therapy, Jeff Jones, who showed up onseason 3 that "Fixer Upper," along with his wife, Sara, melted some light on the show"s tight filming schedule.

"We did need to take time off to film," Jeff revealed. "We did every our shots in one day. It was exhausting."

The Ermoians' sleek new kitchen. HGTV

Chip, Joanna, and their team changed Lindy"s home in about three months, Teodoro revealed.

The Fergusons' renovated dining room. HGTV

According to the Fergusons, clients have to buy the staging furniture featured on "Fixer Upper." Jaime and Kyle bought a coffee table, 2 stripedchairs, and a dining table.

The Joneses' renovated living room and kitchen. HGTV

Jeff told Apartment Therapythat the designer staged his and Sara"s home with some of their very own furniture, in addition to making use of "her own an individual stuff...from her home," which "isn"t because that sale."

The Fergusons' renovated music room. HGTV

According come the Fergusons, Joanna gifted Kyle number of custom-made items that she had actually made because that the couple"s music room.

The Gaineses likewise gifted theErmoians a rolling bar do by Clint Harp, Lindy called Teodoro.

Joanna's custom shiplap-framed coral art pieces. HGTV

On Lindy"s episode, Joanna handcrafted three shiplap-framed coral art pieces for the couple"s life room. Lindy and her husband to buy them because that a "reasonable" $75.

Everyone associated with the display gets come eat. HGTV

Jaime was pleasantly surprised ~ above the critical day that filming as soon as "delicious" food trucks served everyone lunch.

A poster that the Fergusons' home before renovations. HGTV

In every episode of "Fixer Upper," Chip and also Joanna location a massive poster the theirclients" old home in prior of their property. Then, top top the last day that filming, the Gaineseswheel the poster far to expose what their clients" renovated house looks like.

Speaking to Glamour in 2015, Chip stated this idea came to them last-minute while filming the show"s pilot."We were sitting there trying to figure out how to acquire the client to their room without revealing the residence itself," he said. Luckily, "at the 11th hour," 2 of Chip"s friends built the poster that "Fixer Upper" pan know and love today.

Even better, clients acquire to keep the large poster."We wrinkles that point up and also we give it come the family," Chip called Glamour. "We try to make an event of the canvas itself."

Luke and also Rachel Whyte. HGTV

In an interview with nation Living, Waco-based photographer Rachel Whyte stated that the show"s producers made her and also her husband, Luke, "repeat points a couple of times."

According come Rachel, who appeared on the third season the "Fixer Upper," producer film certain scenes "multiple times from different angles," yet the "reactions and conversations" you watch are totally authentic. "The difficult thing is psychic what girlfriend said before when asked to repeat it," the photographer added.

but you obtain used come it ~ a while. HGTV

Rachel told nation Living the the weirdest thing around filming "Fixer Upper" was being about cameras every the time. "It was uncomfortable at times due to the fact that we, like most people, aren"t used to having actually cameras roughly us," the photographer said.

The Fergusons had a total budget plan of $450,000. Fixer Upper/HGTV/Hulu

According to Jaime, Chip and Joanna"s team, Magnolia, helps each couple create a realistic budget plan andrenovation plan.

This has the price of both purchasing and renovating the home. HGTV

According to a recent evaluation of every "Fixer Upper" illustration by, clients have an average budget plan of $111,631 for renovations alone.

The Whytes' renovated bathroom. HGTV

A previous "Fixer Upper" cast member said Teodoro in 2017 that the display "requires at the very least $30,000 in renovations to be done." follow to this unnamed cast member, some applicants to the display have been turned away for "not having enough wrong" through their house.

The "Fixer Upper" team renovating the Fergusons' home. HGTV

According to"s analysis, the Gaineses additionally always continue to be within your clients" budgets.

The Joneses' renovated bedroom. HGTV

Jeff called Apartment treatment that his and Sara"s residential property tax went up after their home was featured ~ above "Fixer Upper" — yet that"s bound to take place after most house renovations.

The Joneses' renovated dining room. HGTV

Speaking come Apartment Therapy, Jeff claimed that he and Sara get the "occasional drive-by from fans" of "Fixer Upper."

"Also a regional tourism agency called Waco tourism drives by our house 4 to 6 times a dayto show people," Jeff added. "I guess that"s the price you pay to have your home on TV."

Doug and Lucy McNamee. HGTV

According come the Waco Tribune-Herald, "Fixer Upper" clients are "under strict orders not to visit the job-related scene" until expose day.

"They wanted it to be a complete surprise, and it took discipline not to sneak a look," Doug McNamee, who appeared on the show"spilot episode in addition to his wife, Lucy, told the Tribune-Herald in 2013.

The Ermoians' beautiful renovated living room. HGTV

Each "Fixer Upper" episode ends with a large reveal that the renovated home. However, together Teodoro wrote, when the cameras prevent rolling, the Magnolia team still has to take care oflast-minute details,inspections, and also more.

Lindy and also her family, for example, didn"t relocate in till weeks after ~ filming.

Joanna confirmed this mystery herself in a sneak peek of she spinoff show, "Behind the Design." It transforms out the rooms friend don"t see on the display are filled v plastic storage bins, rubbish bags, carpeting samples, plants, and also more.

Chris and also Lindy Ermoian chatting with Joanna. HGTV

Unless they to be filming scenes v the Gaineses, Lindy and also her husband supposedly never interacted directly through Chip and Joanna. Instead, theErmoiansworked closely with one assigned designer and also a team of aides during the remodeling process, Lindy said Teodoro.

The Ermoians' renovated grasp bathroom. HGTV

Despite what you might think, "Fixer Upper" clients have actually a many of control over renovation decisions. Lindy"s nephew, that is one architect, assisted her style her master bathroom, and the Ermoians" assigned designerfrequently asked the couple for feedback.

"It yes, really did seem like they wanted to please us," Lindy called Teodoro.

The Whytes' renovated kitchen and also dining area. HGTV

According come the Whytes, Joanna likes to gain a feeling of she clients" style prior to she makes any type of decorating decisions. "I placed a white house with grey shutters on mine Pinterest board and also they really the concept," Rachel formerly told nation Living.

The Fergusons' stunning renovated bathroom. HGTV

According to Jaime, Chip and Joanna "leave nothing undone." The Gaineses mounted beautiful details in every room the the Fergusons" residence including extra shelving in the bathroom, surprise spice racks in the kitchen, and also thick timber trim about every door.

Chip is together funny off-screen together he is on-screen. HGTV

Chip is "100% a goofball," Jaime told Teodoro. Apparently, the spends so much time making everyone laugh that most of his scenes space edited out.

Chip and Joanna acquiring their hand dirty. HGTV

Although you regularly see Chip kicking down walls on "Fixer Upper," he apparently doesn"t do that lot physical laborwhen the cameras prevent rolling — at least not top top the home"s exterior, Lindy said Teodoro.

Joanna staging the Fergusons' home. HGTV

Jaime explained Joanna together a quiet but "thoughtful" speaker that is "immensely gifted" at her job.

You deserve to learn much more secrets around Chip and also Joanna"s relationship dynamic here.

Joanna decorating the Fergusons' kitchen. HGTV

According toTeodoro"s blog, Joanna frequently spends quality time through her children on site when the cameras aren"t rolling.

The Gaineses have stated prior to that they favor to keep their children out that the spotlight. "They"re therefore young and we want to offer them the opportunity to have actually a typical childhood," Joannatold Peoplein 2016.

The Ermoians' tradition music room. HGTV

According to Teodoro, Lindy and also Chris Ermoian to be surprisedthat specific scenes were edited out of your episode. Because that example, in one "tender" step they filmed, kris played an initial song for his mam that was later made right into an art piece for the couple"s music room. The scene itself, however, never ever aired.

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