Fixer Upper might be touted together a reality show, however fanshave had to suspendtheir disbelief for year in stimulate to save on love it. The beloved HGTVrenovation collection had plentyof fakeness similar to every other present on the network — and also every realityprogram in existence, for that matter.

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It’s no that master Chip and Joanna Gaines to be trying to lie to their faithful followers. But a little bit of an innovative editing makes for far better entertainment. Because that example, hiding young details such as behind-the-scenes construction crews was necessary to store the display interesting.

There to be one much more revelatory tidbit that come out during Chip and also Joanna’s current 4-hour special on DIY Network. Top top it, the couple revealed the the actual final episode of Fixer Upper no the very same as the series finale.


Chip and Joanna Gaines | Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

The ‘Fixer Upper’ finale introduced the finish of one era

It was impossible for pan to wrap their heads around. At the height of their popularity, the Gaineses made the decision come step back from your hit show, which even several years later on remains the most popular series on HGTV.

Chip and also Joanna stated they were charred out indigenous non-stop filming and wanted come spend an ext time v their family. After five seasons and also 78 episodes, the last rate of Fixer Upper aired on April 13, 2018.

The last episode was dubbed “RockStar Renovation” and featured Waco transplants Mike and also Holli Herrera asthey sought to expand the dimension of your living an are for their family members plus builda music studio. Prior to the reveal, Joanna shared a photograph with the caption, “Todaywas the final reveal…we certainly felt the feel behind each of those stepsleading up to the big canvas.”

i can't believe tonight marks our very last illustration of Fixer Upper. This snapshot is of us filming our pilot in 2012 and then our critical scene that fixer in 2017. What a trip this has been! check out my blog to review an upgrade from us and to check out what's ~ above the horizon because that our family and Magnolia as we relocate forward. The finish is bittersweet, yet we are excited because that what's to come. Tune in tonight for the series finale ~ above HGTV

Joanna Gaines was covertly pregnant throughout the last ‘FixerUpper’ episode

Fans can have thought that “Rock Star Renovation” was the genuine finale that Fixer Upper, but according to Magnolia Presents: A Look earlier & A look at Ahead, the last episode they filmed to be something different.

During the special, Chip and also Joanna shared the very first episode that Fixer Upper they ever before shot, a pivotal illustration from the center of the series, and also the last-ever episode, which was actually “All-American Farmhouse.” The illustration aired top top Feb. 27, 2018.

In it, Chip and also Joanna assist wounded veteran TJ and also his girlfriend Stephanie renovate a former pole barn into a dream house. The couple doesn’t have actually a large budget, yet once regional businesses record wind that a veteran is in need, they pitch in their solutions for free. Then TJ proposed to Stephanie best after the big reveal.

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Plus Joanna had actually just found out she to be pregnant, which solidified the couple’s decision come quit the show. ~ filming that final reveal, the Gaineses got a vast sendoff native the whole Magnolia team.