Loyal Fixer Upper fans deserve to still mental the job the hit HGTV show aired that last episode in April 2018, and also of course, the unexpected minute Chip Gaines excitedly common that he and Joanna Gaines would certainly be return to TV in a big way. Due to the fact that then, viewers have been counting down the days till summer 2020 when the residence reno stars will officially debut your own way of living TV network.

Although currently we only capture glimpses of castle on society media and also on the Magnolia blog, the Gaines"s existence is ever before felt in Waco, especially with 3 of your renovated residences still on the market nearly a year later, including the Paw Paw"s House, the netherlands Door House, and also the oriental Ranch House.

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Here"s every little thing you should know about the Fixer Upper homes still up for sale.

Paw Paw’s House


The same can be said around Paw Paw’s House—the many expensive that the four with a chuck price tags of $1,450,000. The 3-bedroom, 3-bath house is located around 30 minutes far from Waco in Marlin, Texas and also sits top top 210 acres.

Viewers witnessed the Magnolia owner tackle the vacant property—originally constructed by the family"s grandfather—in Season 3, illustration 7, once it underwent a $250,000 renovation. The 2,654-square-foot Southwestern-themed residence boasts refinished hardwood floors, concrete countertops, and a stunning copper sink.

The netherlands Door House


And also the many charming Fixer Upper homes, choose the netherlands Door House, continue looking because that an owner. Featured in Season 2, episode 2, the 3-bedroom, 2-bath home was originally noted in may 2018 v an questioning price of $319,900 and has due to the fact that been relisted for $349,900.

With a generosity renovation spending plan of $85,000, the HGTV stars re-envisioned the 1940s house with an open floor setup to entertain and host love ones, beautiful French doors to carry in an ext natural light, and a new mudroom. Yet if that"s not enough, the property also comes v a guesthouse, currently easily accessible to rental on Airbnb.

Asian Ranch House


Yet an additional one that Chip and also Jo’s beforehand Fixer Upper homes went top top the market in April. The asian Ranch house turned French country Farmhouse was put up because that sale because that $740,000, but has had actually several price cuts since then, currently noted for $649,999.

HGTV fans might remember the 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath northern Waco residential or commercial property from Season 2, illustration 13. Although it went through an extensive renovation process worth about $190,000, it’s quiet hasn’t secured a buyer.

"Just by having actually the Fixer Upper surname in our description, we acquire a most traffic online, i beg your pardon is frequently how you market houses," real estate certified dealer Kristin Clements called Business Insider. "In this case, it’s type of been different since people are looking in ~ it just because it has a Fixer Upper name on it, not because they deserve to actually purchased it."

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