On ourvisit come Magnolia Marketlast year,the Silos, Wacoand Magnolia Table this year, ns compiled a list of homes that were on Fixer top that you can drive by and also take a look at. This is a fun point to do on a rainy day or after the keep closes when you’re in Waco, Tx.

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The original Magnolia store (before Jo Jowas famous – she opened up this small shop)3801 Bosque, Waco, Tx

2.Harp design Studio (Clint Harp makes the custom furniture top top Fixer Upper and they redid the house to the appropriate of his studio on among the episodes).

808 N 15th Street, Waco, Tx


3. Mid Century contemporary House (you can even stay over there – check it out)

2517 Wooded acre Drive, Waco, Tx


4. Hillcrest legacy – This was redone by Chip and also Jo and also is additionally up because that rent ~ above Magnolia’s site.

3601 Hillcrest Drive, Waco, TX 76710

5. The German Schmear house – one of my favourite (you can inspect out inside photos here)

5517 lake highlands drive, Waco, Tx

6. Shotgun house – this adorable house is right near Magnolia Market and also you can see inside photos here.

625 S 7th Street, Waco, Tx

7. Pilot present – yup, this is the home that began it all!! who would have actually guessed? So fun to view where lock started.

121 lock Ave, Waco, Tx

8. Drama Drama residence – I call it that since this is the pair who stated Chip and also Jo marketed them a home in a poor area. Once I go by during this trip, half of the front to be boarded up due to the fact that someone drove right into the front of their house. No the ideal area because that sure, however definitely precious a fast drive by.

1902 Alexander Ave, Waco, Tx

9. Magnolia residence Bed and also Breakfast– this gorgeous residence is also owned by Chip and Jo and also you can rent it out. One thing to save in psychic is that it’s about a 30 minute drive from the Magnolia Market and also Silos.

323 S Madison St,Mc Gregor, TX 76657


10. Chip and also Joanna Gain’s House! Magnolia Farms! – we stumbled previous this home when ~ above our means to wherein we remained at the collection Oaks. Simply pop in the attend to below for the collection Oaks and just prior to you turn into the will (about 1/4 mile before), you’ll watch their house on the left.

316 Canyon Oaks Rd, Crawford, TX 76638

Just a couple obvious points that arecommon sense to me however just in case… please don’t traction onto any type of of these properties, try to method the houses for photos or stop traffic due to the fact that you’re gawking. Give people their privacy please! This is supposed for a fun drive approximately town to examine out some pretty houses!

Here room some various other addresses that may additionally be Fixer Upper’s however I haven’t had actually a opportunity to research study them yet:

2705 Concord Street, Waco, Tx3209 fourth Street, Waco, Tx2704 or 2702 Colcord street, Waco, Tx2705 Colcord st, Waco, Tx3317 lock Drive, Waco, Tx300 39th Street, Waco, Tx

Let us recognize in the comments if you know other house addresses! I’ll upgrade this write-up with your useful info! Also, psychic to check out ours other short articles for an ext fun in downtown Waco and also the Silos.

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