If you're looking to live out your "Fixer Upper" dreams, one of the homes featured on the show's last season just hit the market again.

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This head in Waco, Texas is likewise known as the "Baker House" or "Baker Bungalow," and also is named after its vault owner, Patti Baker.Carol Embry/Picture the Sold(R)
A well-known home featured top top the final season the "Fixer Upper" is ~ above the market!

The two-bedroom cottage, recognized as the "Baker House," to be the home of Patti Baker, that told Chip and Joanna Gaines that she was a widow who wanted to live closer to her family in the “New Chapter, new House” episode. The home, located on Herwol path in Waco, Texas, was renovated to incorporate features favor a home office and also a comfortable understand suite.

The 1,432-square-foot house is complete of organic light and includes an open up kitchen through custom countertops, a dining area with integrated seating and also custom cabinetry.

The cottage's kitchen uses plenty that room to prep and cook meals.Carol Embry, snapshot It Sold(R)

Original hardwood floors operation throughout the whole ground floor, and also there room two life areas, which do it the perfect room for household or guests.

The two different living locations mean there's many of room come relax and unwind. Carol Embry, picture It Sold(R)

"It"s a cute house and also everybody loves it," Shelly Negrete, the listing agent because that the home, told now Home. "I think that was various than anything Chip and Joanna had done as much as that point, friend know, the wasn"t all shiplap and all that stuff. It"s type of a really neat residence that everybody appears to love."

Negrete also confirmed that there have been no structural transforms to the home because its appearance on "Fixer Upper."

The listing agent because that the house said the the just changes because the "Fixer Upper" episode was some new furniture. Carol Embry, picture It Sold(R)

Upstairs is the grasp bedroom that Baker requested once the house was featured top top "Fixer Upper," which contains extensive closet space and a gorgeous grasp bathroom.

The understand bedroom it s okay plenty the sun and has a spacious closet. Carol Embry, snapshot It Sold(R)

The spare bedroom provides the perfect residence office, just like Baker wanted, and also overlooks a spacious, fenced-in backyard filled v trees and greenery.

The second bedroom functions as either a home office or spare bedroom. Carol Embry, snapshot It Sold(R)

This isn"t the an initial time the home has sold. In 2018, Baker herself sold it ~ marrying Joe Finfrock. The new owners, whose names were no shared, are marketing the home for $359,500.

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It"s one expensive house for the neighborhood, but Negrete claimed that the home"s value has skyrocketed since showing up on "Fixer Upper."

The roomy backyard has actually plenty of an are for outdoor activities. Carol Embry, snapshot It Sold(R)

"This one, for part reason, type of broke all the ceilings," claimed Negrete, that did no disclose the home"s price prior to "Fixer Upper," yet said she had actually sold other homes that showed up on the show. "There"s yes, really nothing, specifically in the neighborhood, offering at what it"s being noted at ... It"s rather a bit higher than the average."

Negrete confirmed that there had actually been many interest in the home, yet there have been no offers yet.

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