Although the coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot far from people, it also has noted some with much more time spent at home, enabling them to gain those house renovation projects lastly underway. 

Helping things along are renovation and housing flip reflects that can provide a bevy that inspiration. One such display is Fixer Upper, i beg your pardon stars Chip and also Joanna Gaines, a Texas pair who work-related their co-creation strength to turn the roughest houses on the block right into dream homes. The HGTV series, i beg your pardon premiered in 2013, turned into a extensive sensation overnight, lot to Joanna"s surprise. "My dream was really small," Joanna admitted during a 2016 figure on Today when talking around the show, admitting that she originally wanted to open up a house decor shop called Magnolia market in Waco, Texas. Chip was working tough on the building and construction side the things, and when HGTV approached them, they were also trying their hand in ~ flipping houses. Follow to the couple, they had no desire to also be top top TV. 

For all those residence renovation lover out there that adore the Gaineses and also their house-flipping successes, read on come see just how you can catch up, devour, or inspect out an episode here and also there of Fixer Upper

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Lucky for fans that the renowned HGTV series, all 5 seasons are easily accessible to Hulu subscribers for free. DirectTV and the HGTV app also have four full seasons, while Fubo has actually two seasons obtainable by method of her TV provider, according to Just Watch

Fans the Chip and also Joanna Gaines" renovation skills can additionally check out periods 1-5 that the display (or purchase individual episodes) on iTunes, Amazon, Fandango, and Vudu, through season prices varying from $11.99 – $24.99/per season and $1.99/episode. Google Play also offers up seasons 1-4 the the display with a comparable pay structure of $9.99-$24.99, while Microsoft has actually Season 5 available to acquisition for $24.99. 

In addition to every one of these streaming platforms, the Gaines will launch their very own network, Magnolia Network, via your partnership with Discovery, Inc. According to Joanna, the network will certainly premiere at some time in 2021, yet in the meantime, fans can catch a "preview" of what"s to which Jan.

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4, 2021, via Discovery+. "You"ll be able to watch the entire first season that my cooking show, new episodes of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, and also the very first episodes that ten original series," she gushed in December 2020 on Instagram. Remain tuned, fans!