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* Governor"s Office Flag Policy and also Regulations

By the government vested in the branch of the State of, under write-up IV, section 2 the the Constitution, branch Jared Polis has embraced the adhering to policy and protocol about the manner and also display of the joined States and flags in ~ state infrastructure within the State that

Flying the flag in ~ half-staffThe governor of the State of might order the United says flag and the State flag lowered at federal and state facilities, pursuant to the enactment of H.R. 692 together of June 29, 2007, for any type of company member killed while offer on active duty. The plan of branch Jared Polis is come order the unified States and flags lowered on the work of the service member’s funeral, and also for the flags to continue to be lowered for the expression of the day.The Governor might order the flag lowered adhering to a Presidential bespeak or inquiry to reduced the United says flag. This typically occurs adhering to the death of a current or former official that the federal government, a principle figure, on marked occasions such as Memorial Day, or following a nationwide tragedy.The Governor might order the United claims flag and flag lower to respect the fatality of any type of present or previous official the state government, on the job of the official’s funeral.The Governor may order the flag lowered once deemed proper in response to a specific incident, such together a statewide or national tragedy or as soon as a law enforcement officer or firefighter die in the heat of duty. The Governor additionally may delegate authority to neighborhood officials to reduced flags within your jurisdiction. The plan of branch Jared Polis is come order the joined States and also flags lowered on the work of the legislation enforcement officer or firefighter’s funeral, and also for the flags to stay lowered because that the expression of the day.

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Obligatory holidays on i m sorry the flag is lower to half-staffMemorial work (until noon)September 11thPearl Harbor day (December 7th)Regulations top top displaying the flagThe United claims flag should constantly be presented on the best (from the flag) to any kind of state flag, or if in a procession, constantly first.No flag shall be raised over that of the United says flag, nor to its right (the flag’s right). The State flag have to remain listed below the United claims flag, and also those of other nations have to be presented equally to the United states flag during peacetime. Foreign flags need to be presented to the left the both the United claims flag and also State flag.The United claims flag should always be at the center and at the highest suggest of the team when a big number the flags of claims or localities or pennants of cultures are grouped and displayed indigenous staffs.Modification of rules and also customs by GovernorAny rule or custom pertaining to the display of the flag that the State that, collection forth herein, might be altered, modified, or repealed, or extr rules with respect thereto may be prescribed, by the branch of the State that, whenever that deems it come be ideal or desirable; and also any such alteration or added rule candlestick be collection forth in a proclamation.

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Note: countless of these regulations and also codifications are based upon the official United claims Flag Code.

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