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Patriot job is observed every year on September 11th in respect of the nearly 3,000 world who shed their stays in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and the company members, first responders and also ordinary Americans that risked their very own lives to save others. Check out the many recent Presidential Patriot work Proclamation in that entirety.

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The first Patriot Day was proclaimed by chairman George W. Shrub in 2002 and, every year, the present president has issued a similar proclamation, often in associate with national Days of Prayer and Remembrance.

American Flags Fly at Half-Staff

Per the proclamation, all departments, agencies and also instrumentalities the the United says are instructed to paris the American flag in ~ half-staff native sunrise until sunset. Governors the the unified States and also its territories and also interested organizations and individuals are additionally encouraged to join in this observance.For comprehensive half-staff information regarding September 11th, please review our Patriot job Flag Etiquette FAQs.

Other means to watch Patriot Day

Throughout the united States, and the world, Patriot day is it was observed in a variety of ways. Because that instance, Pepperdine college pays tribute with practically 3,000 American flags on the sloping California campus lawn. Others just honor the promise to “Never Forget” by sharing their memory of the day, as one GFW employee did in this blog post.

The country is encouraged to attend remembrance ceremonies, observe a moment of quiet at 8:46 to be EDT, and also participate in community organization or volunteer in honor of those we shed on this fateful day in 2001. Many Americans additionally pay tribute come the victims and also survivors of the attacks by displaying flags certain to 9/11.

9/11 Memorial Flags


The official 9/11 Memorial Flag was i was delegated by the new York State Office of basic Services because that the 10-year anniversary that the terrorist attacks, and also the design – which contains stars arranged in a pentagon shape and two vertical columns representing the pair towers – to be a collaboration in between the State office and also Gettysburg Flag Works. Review the Story Behind the 9/11 Memorial Flag.

Flags for Emergency solutions Personnel & Victims


To respect the firefighters, police and very first responders who put their stays on the heat on September 11, 2001 – numerous of whom proceed to experience from illness and injury today, together a result – there space a selection of slim Red line Flags and also Thin Blue line Flags. Because that those that perished throughout the 9/11 attacks, the Flag that Heroes includes the names of all the Emergency services personnel and the Flag that Honor has the surname of all the victims.

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Create a new Tradition

We can additionally create custom 9/11 flags v your style or photos, and offer a wide range of flagpoles and also flag hardware. If friend have any kind of questions, please provide us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or call us online.