The Story Behind the pine Tree Flags that the American change by maria
Many flags from the Revolutionary war era feature a pine tree tree, a prize that can seem innocent at first, yet once you know its history, the an interpretation is lot deeper.

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England Lays claim to White Pines

Leading as much as the American Revolution, an excellent Britain relied greatly on its imperial Navy, and also in order to build and also maintain this substantial fleet that ships, they necessary trees. By the late 17th century, the brothers had practically depleted their very own timber resources, and so they started harvesting and also exporting east white pines indigenous Colonial brand-new England.

Under the Mast preservation Clause in the Massachusetts Charter in 1691, brothers laid insurance claim to any white pine tree measuring 24 inch in diameter or greater, and in 1722 a regulation passed in brand-new Hampshire made it illegal to cut down white pines measuring 12 inch or more. The “mast pines”, together they were called for their suitability together single-stick masts and booms, were figured out by a Surveyor of the king Woods, and significant with a broad arrow because that exporting come England.

The homesteaders resented the limitations on the hardwood they supplied for their needs and livelihoods, and many continued to harvest the marked trees. The legislation caused much more anger and also backlash than the stamp Act or even the Tea Tax, and eventually caused the jaw Tree lytic of 1772.

Colonists Protest v Pine Tree Riot

After gift fined and refusing to pay for harvesting trees significant with the large arrow, a new Hampshire mill owner, along with other mill owners and townsmen, attacked the Sheriff and also his Deputy by lashing them through tree switches, cut off their horses’ ears, manes and tails, and also forcing them the end of town through a jeering crowd.

Occurring virtually two years before the more well-known Boston Tea Party, the jaw Tree lytic was among the an initial acts of forceful resistance against British royal authority through the American colonists, and among the problems that culminated in the American Revolution.

Pine Trees end up being Symbol of Independence

Because new England’s white pines to be highly preferred by good Britain, they became a an excellent source the symbolism because that the colonists. Seen below on six different flags indigenous the Revolutionary war era, the jaw tree represents a resistance to colonization and also a desire because that independence.

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