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Flamin warm Cheetos! They"re the best!

But sometimes all friend really want is the Flamin hot flavor without all the Flamin hot hassle. Or possibly you desire Flamin hot Popcorn? Cashews? Apples?

Or what if you have actually a girlfriend whose Flamin Hot obsession burns for this reason fiercely that his thumb, index and middle finger are almost always stained red. The trouble is, Frito-Lay will certainly NOT sell YOU just THE POWDER. Craig, co-inventor of this powder also worked through Frito-Lay"s manufacturers because that a bit and also THEY quiet WOULDN"T gain HIM FLAMIN hot POWDER. And also their exact recipe is a well-kept secret, but....

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WE CRACKED IT! The mystery of the unrelenting mega-flavor the Flaming hot Cheetos is now at her fingertips (instead of simply permanently stained on your fingertips). With our homemade Flamin warm powder, you can have that Flamin Hots fire at any time, ~ above anything. It"s the sluggish artisanal (hipster) method to lug your fast-food favorites home!

Our cooking recipes isn"t a mirror-perfect recreation, yet it"s amazingly tasty. To do it yes, really work, grinding the summer sprouts mixture v a mortar and also pestle go a surprising amount for balancing the end flavors. And make certain to pair it v a fried or oily substrate (like french fries) -- that"s as soon as it"s in ~ its best (the maltodextrin yes, really absorbs the oil and makes it a an essential part that the flavor).

In the complying with instructable, we will tell you how to make it, and likewise guide you with what every these strange ingredients" roles are in your snack-i-tude. We likewise give girlfriend some insight on our process for creating and also refining this great mixture!

For those who simply want the recipe us discovered, here it is! straight up!


1 part maltodextrin

1/4 salt

1/4 street

1/2 MSG

1/8 yeast extract

1/8 citric mountain

1/4 cheddar powder

dash (1/32) the onion powder (it"s extremely potent)

1/16 garlic powder

1/4 cayenne pepper

1/8 sodium diacetate

1/8 disodium inosinate / disodium guanylate

This is an instructable by Andrew Quitmeyer (blorgggg) and also Craig Durkin (durkie). Normally we make tech How-to"s. But we took a shot in ~ some food preparation this time!


Normal Ingredients

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Granulated Sugar

Granulated Salt

Cayenne Pepper

SUPER scientific research INGREDIENTS

To obtain that good, gas-station top quality level of "hyper-palatability" in your snacks, girlfriend can"t rely exclusively on the ingredient of our ancestors, fairly you need to uncover the things that man has actually perverted in nature to lug us remarkable chemicals! these chemicals make for really funny modernist cooking, and also they deserve to all be offered for many other crazy recipes! like dip watermelon in some citric acid, and also you have Warheads-Candy Tasting new Watermelon!

It deserve to be hard to find some of this weird chemicals, therefore we have actually links for all of them because that you! In total, the will expense you around $25 to obtain started.

The Savory Group

cheddar cheese powder (Tastes prefer cheese): http://www.amazon.com/Cheddar-Cheese-Hoosier-Hill-...

yeast extract (Tastes choose meat): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UUBFCBQ

MSG (Makes every little thing savory): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IH28XDE

disodium inosinate / disodium guanylate (They "synergize" v MSG to make her mouth water and also make girlfriend crave more!): http://store.theingredientstore.com/disodiuminosin...

The sour Group

sodium diacetate (salt&vinegar flavor): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005SSM64W

citric mountain (Sour Warheads or cake Gummy Worms flavor): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005SSM64W

The Transformative Group

maltodextrin (It locks in oil to store a powdery external quality to every little thing oily point you sprinkle the on): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005SSM64W


To recreate the Flamin warm recipe, we began with the ingredients perform as discovered on the ago of a bag that Flamin hot Cheetos. Due to the fact that ingredients in the United claims are noted in the amount that they"re present, this was a decent beginning point because that our loved one proportions the powders. And also since whatever is a powder, we just assumed each ingredient would certainly weigh about the same, for this reason our recipe is all volume-based. Something more rigorous would more than likely use weights, yet in the end, you"re combining sugar, salt, and MSG: it"s going to taste great almost no issue what.

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We developed a spreadsheet choose (attached) to document our miscellaneous batch recipes, and also then merely went off of taste for developing future batches. Our very first batch tasted also meaty, so us dialed ago the yeast extract, however upped the MSG to keep the savory flavor. Sodium diacetate to be only available as salt & vinegar seasoning and had salt together its primary ingredient, so we added no extr salt to plenty of of our at an early stage batches. Several of the other ingredients us just chose to neglect (colors, whey, whey protein, sunflower oil), yet we would probably experiment more with them (like the oil) for future batches.

We at some point had come deviate indigenous the proclaimed ingredient stimulate too. Ours onion flour was just SUPER oniony; anything an ext than a dash would overpower the totality batch, yet removing onion powder fully caused a noticeable absence in the mixture.

NOTE: Make certain to pulverize your mixtures as various flavors will certainly jump the end in an ext if they room not all properly powdered v a mortar and also pestle.