Forever 21 is at it again with one more unique collaboration that leaves me equal parts confused and delighted. After their oddly intriguing USPS collection and also adorably ’90s Pepsi collab, I assumed my summer wardrobe had hit that graphic chop top limit. However the new Forever 21 x Cheetos collection has actually proven me totally wrong. I never knew I needed a completely Cheeto-themed clothes arsenal until appropriate freakin’ now. I already loved Forever 21, and Cheetos have been a snack of choice for me since I to be a kid, yet never in mine wildest desires did ns imagine the two brands collaborating to make the ultimate capsule arsenal for summer.

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Oh, am i being dramatic? Get. Over. It. This Forever 21 x Cheetos collab is providing me life. The only thing absent from mine summer wardrobe was specifically this collection. Imagine donning a pair of high-waisted mommy shorts, slipping on a Cheetos chop top, grabbing a bag that Flamin warm Cheetos (or, in mine case, Cheetos Puffs. Gotta represent.) and also sitting by your community pool, soaking in the sun. If the doesn’t sound like an *ideal* day for you, then gain off mine lawn. I’m right here for Cheetos fans and Cheetos fans only.


Forever 21.

From a Cheetos tie-dye chop top come Cheetos pool slides (Yeah, they walk that!), there are myriad methods to rock this Forever 21 x Cheetos collection. The entire collab honestly renders me feel prefer I’m ago in the summer that ’07. There’s simply 13-year-old me, a bag that Cheetos and also the entire summer ahead of me. If put on a Cheetos chop top permits me come reminisce top top those days while enabling me to look much, much cooler 보다 I did at age 13, then you much better believe i’m going to take that opportunity. Catch me wearing this arsenal all summer (TBH all year) long. It’s not straightforward being cheesy, my friends.


1. Cheetos Flamin warm Graphic Tee, $17.90 at Forever 21

On-trend tie-dye + hot Cheetos? This tee is a dream and a half.


2. Cheetos Flamin warm Bodysuit, $24.90 at Forever 21

This is the just going-out ensemble you’ll need this summer.


3. Cheetos graphic Cropped Tee, $17.90 in ~ Forever 21



4. Cheetos Flamin warm Graphic Panty, $12.90 at Forever 21

Truly no words necessary. Lock Cheetos undies, y’all.


5. Cheetos graphic Tee, $19.90 in ~ Forever 21

A standard tee.


6. Cheetos graphic Cropped Cami, $14.90 in ~ Forever 21

Early aughts nostalgia in the form of a Cheeto cami.


7. Cheetos Flamin hot Graphic Slides, $12.90 in ~ Forever 21

Catch me wearing this by the swimming pool every cursed day.


8. Cheetos graphic Tee, $19.90 at Forever 21

The flames ~ above the sleeves, though.


9. Cheetos swim Trunks, $22.90 in ~ Forever 21

I’m suggest a Cheeto theme for my next pool party.


10. Cheetos Flamin hot Graphic Tee, $19.90 in ~ Forever 21

More flames!!


11. Cheetos coast Towel, $14.90 in ~ Forever 21

The ultimate beach towel.


12. Cheetos Rhinestone graphics Boxy Tee, $17.90 in ~ Forever 21

Rhinestones… Cheetos… i’m in heaven.

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