While abortion advocates have long protected their ‘pro-choice’ stance by saying that nobody knows the defining moment when life begins, a vivid scientific discovery is prove otherwise — in bright, living color.

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In 2016, researchers at Northwestern university in Chicago were able to catch the miraculous moment that a sperm fertilizes an egg at the microscope level.

Their exploration was nothing short of a breathtaking screen of our Creator’s hand in ~ work.

The video they released reveals what shows up to it is in a fluorescent display of fireworks occurring at the minute of conception. The ‘flash of light’ is developed when zinc is released and also binds to small molecules the “emit a fluorescence,” just viewable through microscopes.

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While the zinc spark was found in mice 5 years prior, the is one earth-shattering clinical breakthrough for researchers to angry the phenomenon in human fertilization.

“An explode of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the specific moment of conception,” the Telegraph reported. “Scientists had seen the phenomenon happen in other pets but the is the first time it has actually been additionally shown to take place in humans.”

“To watch the zinc radiate out in a burst indigenous each human egg was breathtaking,” recalled Dr. Teresa Woodruff, a Northwestern university professor. “It to be remarkable.”

Life website likened the spectacular display screen of irradiate to God’s work of development as explained in Genesis:

“God’s active act the creation, as explained in Genesis 1, starts with those acquainted words ‘Let there be light.’”

Prayerfully, this breakthrough exploration brings our generation one step closer to seeing the beautiful means in i m sorry the Bible and science coincide, fairly than conflict. In the indigenous of the an excellent 19th-century scientist Matthew Maury:

“The bible is true and science is true, and therefore each, if important read, but proves the truth of the other.”