The producer defines how the step came about and discover a Wonder woman plot point that was reshot.

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with a inscription like Dawn the Justice, we knew Batman v Superman would certainly be giving us a enraged of what’s to come in the imminent Justice League movie, i m sorry starts production in a couple of short weeks. What we didn’t know was just how director Zack Snyder would be incorporating looks at these various other Justice league members, which encompass Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and also Ray Fisher together Cyborg, with Gal Gadot’s Wonder woman filling a supporting role in the film.

but now the Batman v Superman is in theaters, we can start digging deeper right into the how and whys of these cameos, and I imagine the one most folks space curious about is Ezra Miller’s The Flash. His character in reality gets 2 appearances, one alongside the other Justice league members as soon as Wonder woman is going through Lex Luthor’s computer files, and also another much previously in the film, as soon as future-Flash appears to be offering Ben Affleck’s Batman an urgent message to carry out with his preconceived notions around Superman and also the importance of Lois Lane.

So just how did this cameo come about? go Snyder and Co. Shoot the scene through the on purpose of figuring out exactly how it would certainly fit right into the bigger universe later on, a la Breaking Bad, or to be there an all at once plan already in place? Steve make these concerns to producer Deborah Snyder at the film’s push day, and also she states Flash’s future scene in reality came around in the middle of production:


“This was kind of the contrary Breaking Bad> due to the fact that we had the script and it no in the script. As we began then we functioned on our script, ns think us were in the center of shooting and also we started working ~ above the summary for the next movie and where castle go, and Zack said, ‘Oh mine God let’s include this moment that is gonna pay off down the road, and we’ll discover out an ext information.’”

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so it’s safe to assume the Flash’s post from the future will be explained, probably in following year’s Justice League movie, as opposed come this merely being a enraged that needs to be retrofitted into some future film. Speaking around the DC Cinematic universe in general, Snyder claimed this no an uncommon practice, and brought up how a Wonder Woman enraged in Batman v Superman developed in a comparable fashion:

“We’ve type of done the a little bit with all the movies as we’re emerging them and also as the script come, due to the fact that it is this associated universe. Because that instance, the Wonder mrs daguerreotype photo where we check out her for the an initial time, us shot that and also then we in reality reshot it. We just shot it and also then once they were working on the script Wonder Woman> us were like, ‘Wow what if we put in the manuscript the actual acquisition of the photograph?’ yet it’s totally different people since we shot it on our set, so as soon as <Wonder mrs director> Patty was doing camera tests, we were back and forth due to the fact that we were prepping that movie and also editing and beginning Justice League. On one of the days we just obtained the group together, carried over—because it’s shot on these beautiful glass plates—we brought Steven over, that is a friend of Zack’s indigenous Arts Center, he’s a professor end there and he shoots this beautiful glass plate photography, and we shot it v all the cast. So sometimes it just kind of happens and you kind of adjust gears, and you realize that there might be an possibility as you’re functioning on your process.”

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So once the Wonder Woman movie access time theaters following summer, we’ll gain to watch the scene in which this particular photograph was taken. And also Snyder teased the if friend look carefully enough, you may have the ability to spot Zack Snyder make a cameo in the superheroine film throughout this scene:

“If you look carefully, Zack’s one extra in the background. That’s a small Easter Egg, not in our movie but in the Wonder Woman movie.”

Yet an additional reason why Wonder Woman is quickly coming to be one the the most highly anticipated superhero movies around. For much more on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, peruse our recent web links below.

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