I just finished watching latest episode that The speed - Versus Zoom and got little confused what a "Timeline Remnant" actually means. In this illustration we learn around Zoom"s origin and his connection to Earth-2 flash Jay Garrick.

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Zoom defines that the goes back in time and convinced his Timeline Remnant to help him in his angry plan and eventually die at his hand. This is all gaining confusing because if us go ago to Season 1’s finale, Reverse-Flash obtained erased from timeline together his ancestor Eddie Thwane eliminated himself.

Going by this rule, once Zoom eliminated his past self why no he get erased indigenous the timeline? Or Did death his past self do him some dark pressure (As that quoted to speed while his eyes turn black)? climate why no Reverse-Flash end up being like Zoom? Only distinction I have the right to see is death of one ancestor vs. Fatality of a Timeline Remnant.

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Jay Garrick was not the just past-self. Though they are always pretty ambiguous on the explanation; it is clear the Eobard Thawne never gained erased indigenous the time-line. It went together a circle: future associated to past; it never got changed.... Nora Allen is for this reason destined come die. Only there was a not correct in the continuum that is in the present but that didn't rest the whole link. That's why turning back Flash is no erased. He would certainly still death Nora as all the later events would follow that. Very same is in the situation of Hunter. It was not simply his mere previous self. That's why that didn't acquire erased.
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had actually I claimed otherwise? I stated Reverse Flash never ever gets erased from the one time-rope; though part of it got burned- the existing .
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The totality Time Remnant thing is an extremely confusing, i think it was tacked on as a means to explain how Zoom killed Jay Garrick, however then as soon as it was believed out, the didn't really do sense. Ns think the producers of Flash have actually missed a cheat here because it's far better to keep time travel simple so girlfriend don't confuse the audience, and also they've make it all a bit too complicated. In straightforward terms, castle goofed, then tried to define it v clever science-babble, and now everyone is confused.
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Timeline Remnant

Speedsters have actually some immune to alters in time. As we room told many times, only they will remember the transforms in time that they make. "It"s feasible Eobard remained in the speed Force, protecting him prefer a bomb shelter, keeping him alive and his time line intact. It"s what"s well-known as a “timeline remnant”. (Wells-2, Season 2 "Reverse flash Returns").

When Eddie committed a heroic sacrifice to stop Eobard, we need to note the there was an active selfhood open, a literal meaning rip in room AND TIME. The selfhood could have adjusted things. And also to avoid a literal grandfather Paradox (Eddie kills himself, Eobard is never ever born, offering Eddie no reason to death himself), time fixes that in the many convenient method possible. By removed the "present" one, which to be the oldest. The younger one continued to be alive to protect the timeline.

Cisco was additionally going to it is in erased out of the timeline, as soon as Barry to plan on locking increase the younger Eobard in "Reverse speed Returns", as Cisco was basically created further in Eobard"s timeline. We likewise have to keep in mind that Cisco is associated through an are and time, prefer the singularity, to the medium between dimensions.

As for "Jay", us don"t know where in Zoom"s timeline Jay is from. He deserve to be from the past, OR native the future. Zoom is additionally crazy, and had no difficulty talking his Timeline Remnant into dying for this stupid plan.

The show suffers native a finish inconsistent usage of time-travel though. It doesn"t monitor a solitary theory, therefore anything can happen as the writers want it to happen.

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The Darkness

Yes, it"s possible that Zoom somehow produced a negative Speed Force. Just like how in the comics, Barry Allen developed the Speed pressure (which creates him... Ugh, temporal mechanics), and creates more with every step, in The Flash: regeneration #4 (2009) Professor Zoom (Eobard) ultimately creates a negative Speed Force, that acts like a cancer to the rate Force. We don"t recognize if the present is taking this layout up yet, continue to be tune, same Flash time, exact same Flash channel.