The internet-famous flashers that flashed your breasts throughout Fox’s live transfer of game 5 that the World collection say the stadium officials almost foiled your racy stunt before it might unfold. 

Instagram version Julia rose dropped an 11-minute behind-the-scenes video showing her and two friends, Lauren Summer and also Kayla Lauren, preparing to reveal themselves in ~ the video game when representatives faced them. 

“So representatives simply fucking pulled us out of ours fucking seats, claimed they know who we are, lock don’t know what’s walking on,” increased says in a section of the video recorded Sunday night in ~ Nationals Park in Washington, DC. “But we need to wear our jackets closed.”

In the video, yellow shirt branded v Rose’s “SHAGMAG” publication and also the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon have the right to be seen. Follow to the new York Post, the trio invested two work planning the flash before the game. The begging of the video shows rose scoring pricey tickets for seats behind residence plate.

“We’re walk to flash our tits at the civilization Series!” she screams. “I’m so fucking nervous.”

Later in the video, Rose and also her bodacious buddies are seen attract the shirts at the game prior to security pulls them indigenous the crowd for reflecting their breasts. 

“We’re acquiring escorted the end of the World collection right now,” boasts Lauren shortly prior to the video clip cuts come an main serving lock a letter the details your life-long half from Nationals Park.

That might have been anticipated. Yet Rose was specifically disappointed that the “SHAGMAG” label and also breast cancer ribbons weren’t visible in the cameraman’s shot. 

“We didn’t gain our shirt in, us didn’t gain our deals with in and also some fucking whack-ass dude clogged Kayla and Kayla’s beautiful tits,” increased declared.

On Monday, she told the write-up that she aimed to rise Shagmag subscriptions and also raise chest cancer awareness. Therefore basically, anyone wins.

“We have no clip besides half of our body on Fox,” climbed said. “So, our mission below in Washington, DC, didn’t go as planned, yet it’s not going to protect against us. That wasn’t simply for fun, it was for a really great cause.” 

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Meanwhile, the other viral star of game 5 is faring better. Jeff Adams, aka “Bud light Guy,” got tickets to game 6 that the championship battle between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals courtesy the the beer brand. 

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Update: We room in call with our hero. He is wearing this beauty to video game 6.

— Bud light (
Adams heroically take it a home run sphere to the chest there is no dropping either of the Bud light tall boys he to be double-fisting. He’ll it is in donning a t-shirt featuring a graphics of his memorable moment and also a slogan the reads, “Always save the beers.” 

Watch the Nationals (2-3) play the Astros (3-2) at 8:07 p.m.

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EST Tuesday night ~ above Fox.