She stole the World collection show when she bared she chest to the world, yet the player she distracted wasn’t happy and let it be known.

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World collection flasher Julia climbed said top top Thursday that she was clogged on Twitter through the Houston Astros pitcher she exposed it s her to throughout Game 5.

The Shagmag founder, who was banned indefinitely by major League Baseball after ~ flashing Gerrit Cole top top Monday, post a semi-nude picture on Twitter in addition to proof the the rejection native the ace hurler.

“I would tag Gerrit Cole … however he clogged me,” climbed wrote next to an image of it s her topless when watching the conclusion the the game.

In the image, Cole might be seen on the television display scowling after his team’s 6-2 video game 7 loss priziv.orge the Nationals.

I would certainly tag Gerrit Cole...but he blocked me 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Julia increased (
GerritCole45 blocked you.”

“I to be dead,” she priziv.orgposed in a inscription on Instagram.

Cole, who team suffered a terrible loss, appeared to be annoyed by the entirety experience ~ above Wednesday night.

“I’m not employed through the team,” the pitcher told a team main when asked about speaking priziv.orge the media after ~ the game.

The 2019 edition of the World series will it is in remembered for several historic moments. The Nationals win their an initial ever title, every single game the the seven game collection being winner by the away team.

But it was fans in the stands who really stole the limelight throughout the series.

In game 5 it to be the risque exploits of 3 Instagram models that captured an international headlines when they flashed Cole.

And in the collection decider in Houston, it was a Washington Nationals fan who stole the attention adhering to the last out that the game.

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It wasn’t fairly as polarising as the efforts from Rose, Lauren Summer and also Kayla Lauren, but the man gave it his best shot.

After the final out, the jumped up onto the peak of the dugout before ripping his shirt clean off and launching right into belly slide.

A slip and slide worthy the the World series

— Kelyn Soong (
KelynSoong) October 31, 2019

It was simply one of the wild celebrations that kicked off after the Nationals asserted the 6-2 victory over the Astros.

Down 2-0, the Nationals turn the video game on that head with a stunning seventh inning that observed them journey in three runs before including three an ext in the last two innings.

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Fans in Washington easily flooded the streets, breaking out in chants and celebrating the historic win.

Meanwhile, in D.C. 🗣️ (via

— SI MLB (
si_mlb) October 31, 2019

Shirtless in the city

— Tramel Raggs (
Raggs_No_Riches) October 31, 2019

Meanwhile in D.C. 🍾🍾

— Yahoo sporting activities MLB (
MLByahoosports) October 31, 2019

— through Joe Tacopino, NY Post

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