Choosing Corned Beef Cuts

My mother-in-law was visiting this weekend and I determined to make our St. Patrick’s job feast a little bit early. She is Irish and I thought it would be funny to have actually the traditional Corned Beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage when she to be here. If shopping for the corned beef the became noticeable that I had actually not excellent my research. There space two cuts of corned beef; point and flat cut. The allude cut is cheaper. Not understanding what come get, i purchased both! We necessary two anyways through the crowd us had.

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I make the point cut in the crockpot. Ns just added the seasoning packet and also let it cook all day. About fifty percent way with cooking, I included the cabbage. The flat cut was placed in a roaster pan v potato chunks, carrots, the seasoning packet and also water. I roasted it in ~ 300 degrees for 6 hours.

What is the appropriate Beef Brisket cut to Buy?

When prepare for her St. Patrick’s work feast do you choose point cut or flat reduced corned beef?

The Taste test

Out of 5 adults the winner was the point cut! It transforms out that the suggest cut has much more fat which makes it more flavorful and also juicy. Both cuts of meat to be tasty, however the allude cut was the clean winner in ours home.

Point reduced VS Flat reduced Corned Beef

Point cut Brisket

Pointcut corned beef are rounder and also has pointy end. It’s the thicker part of the brisket which normally have an ext marbling or fat and also connective tissue. This is the factor why a lot of of human being find them come be more flavorful, tender and an ext juicy. This cut is great

Flat reduced Brisket

Flat reduced corned beef or also called round reduced on the other hand are lean and with fat cap. Since it’s leaner, it is easier to slice and also it looks better for presentation. This reduced is much easier to find and cheaper, which is why it’s most used for residence corned beef recipes. As soon as well-cooked, flat cuts also offers an excellent flavor. Just make sure to trim the fat cup before cooking or curing as soon as you buy this cut.

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How to pick the appropriate corned beef?

For the record, corned beef is do from the brisket. If you’re going to buy the whole brisket, it has both the flat reduced and suggest cut.

To do the corned beef, it is put in a brine ofgrains and also salt to cure the meat. When selecting your corned beef in ~ the store, feeling the meat. The meat should be firm. If it is soft or mushy, it contains too lot fat. I thought you would certainly all choose to understand that the cheaper reduced of corned beef nets the ideal results!


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