What is flat Tummy Tea?

Flat tummy Tea is among the plenty of herbal “teatoxes” ~ above the sector that case to “detox” you and also “reduce the bloat” (marketing speak for “lose weight”).

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There are scores of society media “influencers” and celebrities fostering it, however don’t let the make girlfriend loosen your grip on your wallet simply yet.

Last i checked, many “influencers” and also celebrities are not research scientists through an understanding of biochemistry and physiology.

In fact, numerous “detox” teas, including flat Tummy Tea, room loaded with laxatives and also diuretics which, up front will reason “weight loss” on the scale, however this have to not be confused for fat lose (which calls for that pesky healthy eating and also exercise).

So what’s the deal? Does flat Tummy Tea work? Well, that all depends on your very own subjective translate of “work.”

In this review, I placed the product cases on the hot seat and also review them v the lens of scientific research so friend candecide for you yourself if this is something precious forking the end your cash.

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Flat ship Tea products

Flat tummy Tea is an organic tea the comes in a two-week or four-week routine which contains their Activate and also Cleanse Tea.

For your subscription program, you acquire the Activate and Maintain Teas.

Activate Tea

According to level Tummy Tea’s website, Activate Tea’s ingredients supposedly “support your metabolism, provide you one antioxidant energy kick, and also get your digestion all set to begin the day on one all organic high.”

The Activate Tea ingredients include:

Peppermint leafLemon balm leafLiquorice rootDandelion RootCleavers (leaf)Fennel SeedGreen Tea LeafCarawayCardamom pods

Cleanse Tea

Cleanse Tea supposedly “works to assist detoxify her intestinal tract cost-free of accumulated toxins” and, according to level Tummy Co’s website, its ingredients “work with each other to aid get (and keep) the tummy flat.”

Cleanse Tea ingredient include:

Senna (leaf)Peppermint (leaf)Cassia Chamaecrista (pods)Liquorice (root)Caraway (seed)Dandelion (root)Rhubarb (root)

Maintain Tea

Maintain Tea supposedly helps “detoxify your intestinal tract complimentary of accumulated toxins, and is designed come be used once a week.”

Maintain Tea ingredient include:

Senna (leaf)Peppermint (leaf)Cassia Chamaecrista (pods)Liquorice (root)Caraway (seed)Dandelion (root)Rhubarb (root)

Before us dissect this marketing claims, it’s important to recognize what the ingredients are and also the effect they have actually in the body.

Flat tummy Tea ingredients list

For simplicity purposes, ns have linked all the ingredients right into one perform and administer a brief malfunction for each one:

Peppermint leaf

Peppermint leavesmay be advantageous for digestive problems such as heartburn, nausea, and irritable bowel syndrome. Depending on the dose, it can have a laxative result on the body.

Lemon balm leaf

Lemon balm is one herb native the mint family and has beenused because that digestive problems, including upset stomach, bloating, minister gas (flatulence), vomiting, and also colic; because that pain, including menstrual cramps, headache and also toothache, and for some psychological disorders.

Dandelion Root

Dandelionleavesmay exert a diuretic (makes girlfriend pee) and also laxative effect to rise bowel movements. It may additionally increase appetite.

Cleavers (leaf)

Cleavers, additionally spelled clivers,is supplied to increase urine circulation to relieve liquid retention.

Fennel Seed

Fennel is provided by mouth for assorted digestive difficulties including heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite, and also colic in infants amongst othes.

Green Tea Leaf

Green tea consists of a small amount the caffeine which might give friend a feeling of pep in your step and aid suppress appetite.


Caraway is provided for digestive difficulties including heartburn, bloating, gas, loss of appetite, and also mild spasms that the stomach and intestines.

Caraway might exert a laxative result to relieve constipation.

Cardamom pods

Cardamomexerts a laxative impact on the body and has been offered for digestion troubles including heartburn, minister spasms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, constipation, liver and also gallbladdercomplaints, and also loss the appetite.

Senna (leaf)

Senna‘s energetic constituents are referred to as sennosideswhich stimulate the bowel and causes a laxative effect.

Cassia Chamaecrista

Cassia Chamaecrista has actually a laxative impact on the body

Liquorice (root)

Licorice may help people through irritable bowel syndrome by soothing inflamed tissue, help to relax muscles, and also exerting a soft laxative effect on the bowels.

Rhubarb (root)

Rhubarbexerts a laxative result for the relief of constipation however care should be taken, as a high enough dose deserve to induce diarrhoea as a side effect.

Rhubarb may also be valuable for a variety of other cradle disturbances choose heart burn and also stomach discomfort.

Review of level Tummy Tea marketing claims

Now it’s time to testimonial the product marketing insurance claims through the lens of science.

Each claim has been taken from the official flat Tummy Tea website.

Claim 1: “Cleanse”

Flat ship Co claims the commodities will “cleanse your digestive system” and that that “shouldn’t have actually you to run to the bathroom.”

Translation: don’t stray too far from a toilet. The product is loaded with laxatives and diuretics which are actually meant to make you use the bathroom an ext frequently.

The truth is, you’re not actually “cleansing” her body over and past its regular abilities by making use of a so-called “cleansing” tea.

Urination and defecation are normal bodily processes and also diuretics and laxatives merely hasten this process.

You might see a reduction in scale weight however this simply fecal and water weight loss, as opposed to fat ns (in situation you confused the two), and the weight will certainly return when you stop taking the tea.

Claim 2: “Detoxify”

Flat ship Tea claims its cleanse Tea help “detoxify her intestinal tract complimentary of gathered toxins” and that it has a “gentle cleansing impact which is an important part of the detoxification process.”

These cases are false.

As pointed out above, the tea is loaded v diuretics and also laxatives and also will just make you usage the toilet much more frequently.

But to it is in clear, that is not “detoxifying” her body.

The word “detox” in this paper definition is basically meaningless bullish*t.

Check out this short article on scientific research Based medicine for a fascinating read.

My inquiry to level Tummy Co is, specifically WHICH toxins is the tea supposedly removing?

Are we talking around hexavalent chromium? Lead? Mercury?

I walk not uncover anywhere on the website the especially lists the end which toxins room supposedly collected in the body and also are gotten rid of by this product.

In short, don’t be a sucker. “Detox” is a medical term that has actually been hijacked by marketers to either scare or bullsh*t world into purchase products.

Claim3: “Reduce bloating”

Flat ship Tea claims that their teas will certainly “reduce your bloating” and assist you “kick that bloated, sluggish and blaaaah feeling.

This is much more meaningless marketing sleight of hand due to the fact that the word“bloating” is subjectively characterized and means different points to different people.

Does bloating average you space carrying too lot fat? are you retaining too lot water?

Nowhere on the website perform they explicitly specify what “bloating” means for purposes of their marketing insurance claims (same similar to “detox“).

Let’s clarify something here.

If you’re taking this tea thinking it’s a magic pill because that fat loss, then you’re walk to it is in disappointed.

You still need to put under the burgers and also chips, start eating more fruits and veggies, and be an ext active if that’s her goal.

If you’re expecting to mitigate water weight, the product will most likely do that since it’s a diuretic/laxative tea.

Claim 4: “Decrease your water retention”

Sure, any kind of diuretic and also laxative will help you reduce water retention.

But instead of a diuretic/laxative tea, you deserve to just go down to your neighborhood pharmacy and also find something over-the-counter for a portion of the price.

Claim 5: “Support your metabolism”

This is an ext ambiguous marketing gobbledygook that really doesn’t typical anything.

What specifically does flat Tummy Co typical by “support your metabolism?”

Nowhere ~ above the website execute they define what this actually means.

This is comparable to the nebulous “reduce bloating” case where it deserve to mean different things to different people.

Claim 6: “Help maintain a healthy and balanced immune system”

This is a insurance claim that begets an ext questions. How exactly does the product “help maintain a healthy and balanced immune system?”

Which ingredients room we talking around here? and specifically just how does it communicate with the immune system?

What evidence supports this?

The onus is on level Tummy Co to provide evidence that their tea walk what it states on the label.

If such proof exists, I’d it is in happy to testimonial it.

Claim 7: “Boost your energy”

To be clear, level Tummy Tea consists of no calories and therefore walk not administer any energy.

Green tea contains a little bit of caffeine which may make girlfriend feel an ext alert, yet this need to not be confused with energy listed by food.

Claim 8: “Give you an antioxidant energy kick”

This is more ambiguous marketing bluster. What go “gives you an antioxidant power kick” actually typical anyway?

Antioxidants are frequently plant compounds, vitamin, or mineral complexes which execute not have any type of caloric value and thus administer no energy.

Claim 9: “Maintain Tea ingredients job-related together to help get (and keep) that tummy flat”

As proclaimed above, the teas space loaded v laxatives and diuretics which will certainly make you usage the toilet more frequently.

This may assist you mitigate water weight, however this should not be perplexed with fat lose (which take away some significant effort).

Is flat Tummy Tea safe?

For the most part, flat Tummy Tea and also other similar products top top the industry probably won’t harm you if you usage them as directed and for the short-term. It’s important to remember the nothing is risk-free and there is constantly potential for side impacts in part people.

What are some potential side effects?

If you urge on trying a detox tea, climate you require to educate yourself that the potential because that side effects.

The following list is not necessarily what will happen to you, however is provided as a caution so the you understand what come look because that while you’re taking it.


The cleanse Tea, in particular, has a the majority of diuretics and laxatives in that (senna leaves and also a number of other laxative ingredients) which could lead to diarrhea and also possibly dehydration, an especially if you room consuming a the majority of the tea and also leaving the bag in the water for much longer than recommended.

Be certain to screen how often you operation to the toilet while making use of the product and also discontinue usage if you endure diarrhea.

Electrolyte imbalances and nutrient deficiencies

Following on from above, if you are experiencing diarrhea, this might lead todehydration and contribute come a possibly dangerous electrolyte imbalance and nutrient deficiencies.

If you have any type of concerns, prevent using the product and go check out your doctor.

Low blood pressure

Because the product is loaded through laxatives and diuretics the promote fecal and fluid loss, this may cause a palliation in blood pressure.

If you havecardiovascular condition and are taking drugs which lower your blood pressure, be aware thatthe tea can have a compounding result which might further lower your blood pressure and also make you susceptible to dizziness and fainting.

Reduction in birth control effectiveness

Planning on acquiring pregnant any kind of time soon?

If not, then you must be careful, as decoding teas have actually come under scrutiny for reducing the efficiency of birth regulate due to your laxative effect.

Reduction in bowel movements

Detox teas should only it is in used brief term.

Long-term usage could an outcome in her body habituating to the laxative i beg your pardon may lead to a palliation in bowel motility (leading to minister paralysis, lazy gut, and IBS) and make girlfriend dependent top top the tea for typical bowel movements.

If you’re having troubles with your bowel motions after using the tea, you must consult your physician for additional evaluation.

Weight lose abuse

Detox teas encourage “weight loss” through increased urine and also feces excretion.

Some consumers obsessed with quick-fix load loss commodities may it is in at higher risk for abuse.

If you’re the parent of a teen with body picture issues, you need to pay details attention come their usage of together products.

Product Warnings

The manufacturers administer the bog traditional warnings for consumers such together not utilizing the assets if you space pregnant or breast feeding.

They additionally suggest friend consult her doctor prior to using the commodities which, in reality, we know most human being don’t do.

If friend have any type of pre-existing clinical conditions and are taking medications, climate there is always the possibility of one interaction between the meds and the tea.

Don’t risk it. Walk to her doc for a appropriate consultation.

Despite all the grandiose marketing insurance claims on your website, they include the disclaimer compelled by legislation that “products available on the website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any kind of disease.”

This stems from the 1994 Dietary complement Health and Education action which is actually a supplement-industry sponsored regulation which basically enables you to be supplied as a human being guinea pig.

Supplements are not regulated and also can it is in legallysold to the public without having actually to prove the product is safe, effective, pure, or the what’s ~ above the brand is what’s in the product.

If you want the directly line top top this law, inspect out this article.

Who makes flat Tummy Tea?

Despite that cutesy name, level Tummy Co is own by that company conglomerateSynergy CHC (Consumer medical care Company) which, according to your website, has a number of nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and beauty brand in your portfolio.

Where is level Tummy Co located?

When I saw the website contact page and the terms and conditions page, I found that they execute not have actually an actual attend to to or phone number to with them.

But that’s no really fair if you want to speak come a live person being.

They force you to send an email to or to fill in their call form.

If you should reach a live human being being, then you might try the complying with information:

You deserve to learn a bit more about flat Tummy Co on your Bloomberg listing as well.

Where is flat Tummy Tea sold?

An net search mirrors the product is greatly sold on your website, Amazon, and the Vitamin Shoppe.

Be sure to inspect out the refund section additional down in this review since if girlfriend buy it outside of your website, girlfriend don’t have actually the exact same rights.

How much does level Tummy Tea cost?

If you’re looking come buy level Tummy Tea, it’ll set you ago around $49 USD for their 4 main Program and also $36 USD for the 2 mainly Program.

You might be able to find cheaper prices elsewhere, but if girlfriend do, the will affect your appropriate to a refund (see below).

Shipping costs

Shipping is generally cost-free from within the unified States, however if you’re in a hurry, climate you’re looking in ~ an extra $10 USD for priority service.

If you’re overseas, then it’s about $15 USD because that the remainder of the world.

Refunds and also returns

Here is the abbreviated variation of flat Tummy Co’s refund policy: if you buy it, you’re stuck with it.

You can only return the under very specific circumstances, but not for common reasons you could want her money back (i.e., dissatisfied).

If friend buy the product from a third-party retailer, climate you nice much have actually no rights.

No refunds are given unless the product is “faulty” and also then you have a 7 day window to email them.

It additionally appears that any costs to return the product are your responsibility.


If you try the product and also don’t favor it, as well bad. No cash ago for you (unless friend complain in a windy forum).

If you get an expired product, difficult luck. That apparently doesn’t constitute a “faulty” product either.

If you never receive the product, i m really sorry Charlie. As soon as it leaves their warehouse, then it’s no longer their concern.


A number of complaints to be registered against Flat ship Tea v the better Business office website, most of which faced lost orders.

While flat Tummy Co cases to accept no duty for the product when it pipeline their hands, part customers complained loudly sufficient to acquire their money back “on this occasion.

In various other words, the official policy is no refunds, but if you provide them a poor write-up online, climate they’ll bend the rules for you).

Other complaints had receiving expired assets and, also after complaining, flat Tummy Co still motivated them use the expired products.


Fun legal stuff

I know you’re more than likely in a hurry come “lose weight” and are i can not qualify to read the terms of service.

But that’s ok. I had actually the time and I actually DID check out the terms of organization for you, highlighting the essential bits.

Most notably, friend waive your appropriate to a class action suit in case anything happens to you… and also a few thousand other people. Here’s a screenshot native the website.


I’ll admit, this passage type of surprised me.

Even despite it’s unlikely anything will occur to you uneven you abuse the product, what if something taken place where the product was adulterated and a lot of civilization ended up sick?

If you’re just barely paying the bills every month, climate it’s unlikely you’d have the ability to afford to pay because that a lawyer.

Usually a class activity suit is the way forward if a lot of of world were affected, yet assuming your terms of company are legitimate binding (even despite you didn’t ready them anyway), then you’re just gonna have to foot all those medical bills by yourself.

Take home message

Whether or not level Tummy Tea actually “works” really relies on her individual translate of the words “detox,” “cleanse,” and “reduces bloating.”

A product complete of laxatives and diuretics will definitely make girlfriend “lose weight” on the scale, however this is no fat loss.

Losing a bit of body liquid may temporary “reduce bloating” however this will certainly return when you protect against using the product.

Nor will certainly the product in reality “detox” you.

To it is in clear, it’s only accelerating your regular bodily processes and also making you use the toilet more frequently.

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The bottom line, brutally honest truth: if girlfriend eat pizza and sit ~ above the couch every day, level Tummy Tea more than likely won’t save you.

But if you cut out the burgers, chips, and also fizzy drinks and become more physically active, then you’ll most likely look and also feel a lot better, with or without any type of detox tea.