​10 natural Ways to eliminate Dog Fleas and also Itchy Dog Skin

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Is your hair baby suffering from itchy skin? does he have actually fleas? This is a horribly uncomfortable combination of troubles for any type of dog. However there are some natural methods you have the right to use to help your hair baby feel better and get rid of the fleas.

In this article, we’ll take a watch 10 organic ways come rid her dog of fleas and help relieve and also heal his itchy skin.

Dogs & Itchy Skin

Dogs can construct itchy skin, also called pruritus, for many of the same factors we do. Several of the common causes of itchy, excited skin in dog include:

Allergies: food or ecological causesBug bites: fleas, ticks, and also other insectsParasites: such together mites, which space microscopicDry skin

If your dog is experiencing from pruritus, girlfriend may an alert these symptom on his skin:

Skin soresDry skin (may appear flaky)RashesLumpsRednessBumpsHair loss

It’s always a an excellent idea to inspect your canine companion daily, or at least once a week, to see if his skin is showing any of these issues.

If you notification your dog appears to it is in itching, scratching, or also biting quite a bit, climate it’s time to inspect him to check out what’s leading to the problem. However, if your canine companion starts to lose his appetite, becomes restless, or appears depressed and/or if the scratching breaks the skin, climate it’s time to view the vet.

Natural Remedies to Rid her Dog that Fleas

Here room some organic remedies you deserve to use to rid your hair baby the fleas.


1). Give Your Dog a Bath

You have the right to use a mild soap (made especial because that dogs) and warm water to eliminate fleas from your dog’s fur and body. Just wash and also rinse your dog favor normal, then wipe the off v a clean, dried towel. Let that air dry as normal. The next step entails using a flea comb to find and remove remaining fleas after her dog’s bath.

2). Flea Comb

This is a completely natural and safe method to get fleas off your dog, plus girlfriend two can spend time together. Your fur baby will love the attention! these combs have an extremely fine teeth, which room perfect for capturing fleas that might be on your canine companion.

Just usage the comb top top all locations of his body. If you uncover the comb has actually a flea, then dunk the comb into warm soapy water, swish that around, and also then wipe the off and also go ago to combing. You might need to do this every day until fleas are completely gone.

3). Neem Oil

Before using any type of essential oil remedy on her dog, you re welcome talk v your vet very first to make certain this is safe to usage on your dog. Neem oil comes from the neem tree and is known to repel insects.

You have the right to mix 1-part neem oil to 10 parts water, and also a couple of drops of natural soap (used to make the water and also oil mix). Include this mixture to a clean spray bottle, shake well, and also then spray on her dog. Friend can also spray ~ above a porous collar and also make your own flea collar.

Avoid using this spray on open up sores, wounds, cuts and also never let it acquire near your dog’s eyes.


6 organic Remedies for her Itchy Dog

Here are some homemade DIY herbal remedies that are safe to usage if your fur baby is itchy.

Please note, before using any type of of these natural remedies on your dog, be certain to contact your vet and also make certain these remedies space safe to usage on her dog. And if your dog’s symptoms worsen after ~ using among these methods, then call the vet immediately.

1). Colloidal Oatmeal Bath

This is a an extremely old house remedy because that itchiness that really works! However, if you recognize your dog is allergy to oats, then avoid using this method to relieve his itchiness. If he has actually an allergy come oats, this an approach will just make his condition worse.

Colloidal oatmeal relieves itchiness since it to reduce inflammation in the skin, when cleansing the skin of allergens.

Using the highest setup on your food processor/blender/coffee grinder, grind about 1/3 to 1 cup of oats into a very fine powder. Next, line the oat powder right into a glass of heat water. If the water transforms milky, then the oats are all set to usage for hair baby’s bath. If the water no look milky, just grind the whole mixture again. The mixture should have a soft feel.

Then pour the oat mix into the warmth bath water, and then stir. To fill the bath tub up through as lot water together you feel your hair baby will certainly tolerate, and then put him in the tub. With a cup, to water the water over your dog’s body till he’s soaked.

You can additionally rub several of the oatmeal mix into his skin, specifically on those point out that space the itchiest. Let that soak for about 10 minutes and also then wash him off with warmth water. Use a towel to gently dried him off and also brush his fur. Then let the dry together normal.

2). To apologize Cider Vinegar

This is another natural remedy you deserve to use to help relieve your dog’s itchy skin. This technique is far better used as a clues treatment. Because that this remedy, you’ll require some to apologize cider vinegar and water. You desire to have a 50:50 ratio of water come vinegar.

After putting the water and also vinegar into the clean spray bottle, shake come mix until well combined, and then spray the systems on those areas that it seems to be ~ to be itchy top top your hair baby.

3). Coconut Oil

This is an additional natural remedy you deserve to use to ease her dog’s itchy skin. Coconut oil is an excellent for relieving itchiness brought about by allergies, skin infections, bug bites, and also more. In ~ the store, look because that coconut oil that the highest possible quality. This brands might use words such as “virgin,” “organic,” etc. ~ above the label. This method is finest used on little areas that your fur baby’s skin. Making use of on his entire body can lead to an extremely oily fur.

Just obstacle a little amount the the coconut oil in between your hands, and then apply the oil to those areas that room itchy.

You might see some posts that recommend including coconut oil to your dog’s diet; however, current research has presented this to reason heart issues and other problems in dogs. So, don’t include coconut oil to her dog’s diet till after questioning the vet if this is safe for her dog.

4). Chamomile & green Tea

You can likewise use chamomile and also green tea to aid your dog with his itchy skin. Every you have to do is fill your tub with heat water (not hot) and also then allows several tea bags come steep for about 5 minutes. Then have actually your dog soak for about 5 minutes or more. Climate rinse and also dry as usual.

You can likewise use a tea bag to treat warm spots. Simply steep the tea bag, then enable it come cool down fully and use the tea bag straight to the irritated areas.

5). Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is for sure to use on dogs; however, you’ll require to have an aloe vera gelatin that’s no made with alcohol. That also feasible to use the gel directly from the aloe vera plants you may have at home.

All you should do is use the aloe vera gel to her dog’s skin, whereby you view the irritation.

6). Baking Soda

You probably currently have this in her panty! every you have to do is mix with each other a 50:50 proportion of baking soda and water. This will produce a paste that you can apply directly to your canine companion’s skin.

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Then rinse the dough off after about 20 minutes.

We expect these remedies and methods aid your dog to feel much far better and remain flea-free!