As a Texas owner of two extremely energetic German Shorthair Pointers, it has been so fun taking lock on hikes, runs and also out to your favorite doggy day treatment place happy Dog Ranch. Having tasks around grassy areas, water and also fields means they are subjected to fleas and also ticks almost daily. As such, for years, they had been on assorted chemical commercial-based flea preventatives through very large brand surname companies. Yes, lock worked; yet what I never ever realized to be the ill-effects it could have top top Piper and also Harper. One day, Piper started having seizures the end of the blue. I started to save a journal background of once she would have a seizure episode; and noticed they were happening an ext frequently. I hired a holistic vet to aid explore natural choices to aid her get rid of these issues.

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We began with the main focus being “seizure control”. First, ours vet argued we bespeak an allergy test for she from Glacier Holistic. Low and also behold the results came back with many, allergies. Grains, chicken, chlorine and chemicals were at the top of the list. We immediately, readjusted Piper’s diet and also quit making use of her monthly flea prevention. Even though i was nervous around the reality that she to be off the flea med i knew it was ideal for health. Analysis the fine print proclaimed the meds should not be taken if dogs room prone to seizures.

Try This natural Flea therapy Plan

We came up v a new, natural arrangement and alternate for flea and tick control which we have had actually in place since June the this year which has actually been 99% effective. There space 3 crucial elements to the natural flea and tick avoidance regimen i m sorry entail therapy from the within out:

1. EasyDefense Flea Collar that geraniol, a geranium extract

2. EasyDefense Garlic, Brewer’s yeast treats

3. 4Paws organic Pet Soap, Lemongrass Lavender shampoo

Piper| Art the the pets Mascot

Let’s rest this down a small more. I found Only organic Petonline a couple of years back and had success utilizing their herbal Flea and tick sign which worked great; yet the downside was it can’t acquire wet while the acclimating to the dog. So, I chose to adjust to 2 different products to treat castle both inside and also out: all-natural EasyDefense brand flea collars and also Easy Defense brand chewable treats. The collars have energetic ingredients that Geraniol, Peppermint and Thyme oil. The chewable treats key ingredients save on computer the herbal Power that Brewer"s Yeast & Garlic. This is one excerpt indigenous the product summary directly from their website, “Only natural Pet EasyDefense barrier Biteshave a distinct balance that amino mountain and facility b-vitamins. These flea chews likewise work to maintain your pet"s healthy and balanced skin & coat through maintaining ideal skin and tissue function. The bio-available resource of garlic has likewise been shown to offer impressive immune support in animals by using garlic"s organic properties, which maintain a healthy and balanced gastrointestinal tract and heart function.”

The third element of the regimen is the shampoo i m sorry is every natural and also was developed by one of our devices who founded 4Paws All natural Pet Soaps. She developed the line since her dog was having seizures and found that was regarded harsh chemicals uncovered in advertising flea products. I determined to try her assets on Piper and also Harper and have feeling ordered from her multiple times. The product not just smells good; yet has no hidden toxins and an olive oil base the keeps your coats from getting dry. You deserve to buy this currently on our site.

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Does it Work?

I am thrilled to to speak that because we have been top top the above-mentioned regimen ns have uncovered this 99% effective. The other key pointworth stating is the this is a cost-effective method. The flea collar is $9.99 and also lasts because that 4 months, obstacle bites monthly supply $12.99 and also the 4Paws shampoo is $16.95 for an 8oz bottle. I very recommend experimenting natural remedies in lieu that harsh chemicals. That a little an ext work; yet your dogs will certainly appreciate the effort. A separate article will be posted pertained to Piper’s seizures which ns am happy come say have subsided!

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