Nothing have to come between you and your dog, the very least of every fleas and also ticks. because that Dogs is guaranteed to efficiently kill adult fleas, ticks and also chewing lice."s easy-to-use, fast-acting topical application can assist you avoid an currently flea or mite infestation quickly. This practically do-it-yourself flea and also tick treatment is obtainable where girlfriend shop.

You are watching: Flea and tick remover for dogs because that Dogs 5 come 22 lbs - 3 for Dogs 23 come 44 lbs - 3 for Dogs 45 come 88 lbs - 3 because that Dogs 89 come 132 lbs - 3 ct for Dogs is basic to use and kills adult fleas, ticks and also chewing lice. Supplied as directed, because that Dogs can assist treat and also control adult flea and also sarcoptic mange infestations. Confidently safeguard your dog versus brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks and deer ticks that might transmit Lyme disease.

How to Apply

Applying flea and also tick treatment at residence is easy. Simply follow these actions each time you use the product.

Before girlfriend Apply

Applying effectively starts v purchasing the correct product. Prior to purchasing, weigh your dog. Don’t guess! that is important to know your dogs precise weight. because that Dogs is easily accessible in four different weight breaks for dogs and puppies: 4 come 22 pounds, 23 come 44 pounds., 45 come 88 pounds, and also 89 come 132 pounds. DO NOT effort to split doses between dogs.

DO NOT usage THIS PRODUCT ~ above CATS. Be sure to choose dog commodities for dogs and also cat commodities for cats. These products are different formulations based upon the varieties and your pet’s weight and SHOULD never be used interchangeably. to add for cats is accessible to safeguard your cat.

Don"t forget to consider your dog"s age. ONLY use Plus for Dogs top top dogs and puppies over 8 mainly of age.

Read the whole label carefully prior to using any kind of product on your dog. For additional help or much more information, our social treatment team is obtainable to answer your concerns Mon-Friday, 8am to 4pm CST. Or girlfriend can speak to us at 1-800-224-7387.

Application InstructionRemove product tubes indigenous the package.Separate one tube from the others.Hold the tube through notched finish pointing up and away native the face and also body. Use scissors to cut off the narrow finish at the notches follow me the line.Invert tube over dog and also use open end to component your dog’s hair.Squeeze tube firmly come apply every one of the solution to the dog’s skin as a spot to the dog’s back between the shoulder blades.Wash hands extensively with soap and water after ~ applying.

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Keep treated pets apart from each other, various other pets and also children because that 24 hrs after treatment and also until the product is dry. This helps prevent pets from ingesting the object by licking or to organize one another.