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Texas beach Watch


The score of the Texas coast Watch routine is to provide the public through information about water top quality at selected to chat beaches along the Texas coast in Aransas, Brazoria, Cameron, Galveston, Harris, and Jefferson, Matagorda, Nueces and San Patricio counties.

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General Disclaimer

This web application is to plan for basic informational objectives only and also is listed as a public business for a user"s an individual use. If the priziv.org will frequently review, update, and expand this application, info may not be finish or may have been amendment or readjusted since the latest update of the application. The enterococcus bacteria levels (fecal bacteria) in ~ sites noted on this website count upon the season, site conditions, and also weather conditions, which adjust over time and also are external of the control of the priziv.org. priziv.org does not test for any type of other bacteria, consisting of the vulnificus bacteria (flesh eating). The timeliness of the details on this website counts on the availability of the web page tested for bacteria, weather conditions, and other factors and also should no be the single basis for determining the water quality and also safety of the water at Texas recreational beaches.

The priziv.org renders no representations or warranties or conditions of merchantability and also fitness because that a certain purpose, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability that the details or data illustrated on this application. priziv.org specifically disclaims any and also all responsibility and also liability for any kind of claims or loss that may result from the usage of info or the inaccessibility of the info on this application.v

Disclaimer for 3rd Party Links

priziv.org does no endorse, exercise oversight, or assume responsibility or liability for any type of third-party contributor to this web application or any website that web links to or native this internet application. priziv.org disclaims any and all legal responsibility for any use or inability to accessibility or usage websites preserved by 3rd parties the are linked to or indigenous this website. priziv.org does no endorse the content, viewpoints, or comments post to this website or connected to other websites by users of this web application.


The Texas general Land Office analyzes server logs for statistical objectives only and makes no effort to personally determine Web website visitors. Statistics such together time, date, or pages requested are supplied for assessing the information of most interest to users and identifying device performance or trouble areas. The priziv.org internet site walk not usage "cookies" (small message files developed by the internet server that reside top top the user"s difficult drive) to track specific information and also does no collect information through other technical processes. Information accumulated by electronic mail and also by web develops may be subject to the Public info Act; however, email addresses the those who correspond through the priziv.org room confidential and may no be disclosed uneven the sender agrees to such.

Privacy and also Security Policy

This policy describes the basic Land Offices" privacy and also security practices regarding information gathered from tourists to the application. It addresses the collection of information, the defense of information we collect v the web application, and also its use and also accessibility. The policy applies to the entire web application.

Although no computer system system deserve to be completely secure, priziv.org has actually deployed extensive security steps to protect versus the loss, misuse, or modification of the details under ours control. Describe any kind of control systems, software, or auditing processes?

Please keep in mind that every information collected or preserved by priziv.org is subject the Texas Public information Act (PIA), section 552 that the Texas government Code. The email addresses of many members of the public who interact with state agencies with the net are confidential under the PIA. Exception to confidentiality may be the review at section 552.137 of the Texas government Code. For more information around the PIA, please contact by email at PIALegal
priziv.org.texas.gov or by phone in ~ 512-463-9072.

An individual that submits info in electronic format through this applications or an email is entitled, top top request, come receive and review the information priziv.org has collected around the individual, and also to have priziv.org correct the information. To request information, please contact XXXX. To safeguard your privacy and also security, we will take reasonable actions to help verify your identity before granting accessibility or do corrections.

Any information gathered is by the priziv.org is subject to state legislation on records retention and firm retention policies. For details out our documents retention plans please call XXXX.


State agencies might not sell or relax the email addresses of most members of the public that have actually been provided to communicate electronically v a federal government body there is no the affirmative consent. Exemptions come this confidentiality may be reviewed at Texas government Code, section 552.137. Personally identifiable information included in a concern or comment sent to priziv.org in an email message is only provided by the priziv.org to respond come the request and also to analyze trends. To the level necessary and appropriate, priziv.org might redirect the article to an additional government company or federal government employee that is in a much better position come answer the question.

The Texas basic Land Office analyzes server logs because that statistical purposes only and makes no attempt to personally recognize Web website visitors. Statistics such together time, date, or pages requested are provided for assessing the details of most interest to users and identifying device performance or problem areas. The priziv.org web site does not use "cookies" (small message files developed by the web server that reside top top the user"s tough drive) come track specific information and does no collect info through other technological processes. Information accumulated by digital mail and by web creates may be topic to the Public information Act; however, email addresses that those that correspond v the priziv.org space confidential and also may not be disclosed uneven the sender agrees come such.

priziv.org Cookies

A cookie is an extremely tiny text file that lives on the user"s hard drive i beg your pardon is developed at the inquiry of the internet server to track particular information about the user. priziv.org supplies a persistent, first-party cookie in bespeak to recognize a return visitor. priziv.org"s cookie will certainly expire after 60 days. Third parties that support the application usage persistent, third-party cookie for functions of tracking and also monitoring the application as described below. Because that instructions on how to disable or eliminate our/any cookie from her web web browser see priziv.org"s website cookie FAQ sheet.

Your use of the application method you consent to the storing and accessing of cookies or various other information.

Server logs and also log evaluation tools

priziv.org makes no effort to collect personally identifying details on users of our internet application. priziv.org does no report or use the information we collection in any manner that would disclose personally i can identify information and does no release information around our customers to any kind of outside parties unless required to perform so under legislation or as otherwise explained in this policy.

priziv.org supplies Google Analytics, a internet analytics service listed by Google, Inc., to collect and track data the priziv.org provides to control our web application . priziv.org also uses eco-friendly Systems research Institute (ESRI) to provide mapping and direction solutions to users of our application. priziv.org, in conjunction through these providers, supplies persistent, 3rd party cookies, server logs, and log analysis tools to obtain review statistics about the application. This information is accumulated on priziv.org"s behalf and may it is in transmitted native your computer system to the computers or servers of one of these 3rd parties. The data built up is used to evaluate what details is of many interest come our users, screen technical style specifications and also performance, determine problems and also areas because that improvement, and monitor the as whole effectiveness the the application. The data accumulated is only provided in the aggregate. priziv.org walk not usage raw data logs for any other function than to manage and also improve the net application. However, it is feasible that every or components of life data logs might be determined to be open Records by the Office the the attorney General, i m sorry would call for disclosure to a third party under the PIA.

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Google analysis collects info such as URLs, net domain and host names, browser information, request parameters, and the date and also time the the applications is visited. Personal identifying information is not collected on the customers of our internet application by Google Analytics. Goggle collects the data, shop it, and uses it come prepare reports because that the priziv.org ~ above the tasks of the application and may share the data with other Google services. Google may use the data to contextualize and personalize the ads the its own heralding network. Google Analytics records the data and also maintains and also uses the data in accordance with Google Analytics terms of use and also Google"s privacy policy. You can find out much more about Google’s data arsenal or opt the end by clicking Google analysis opt-out browser add-on.

ESRI collects information such together XXX. Personal identifying information is not accumulated on the users of our net application through ESRI. ESRI just collects personally i can identify information, such as your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail deal with if you administer this information to lock voluntarily. ESRI"s website/service offers third-party internet analytics solutions that collection and accumulation web surfing data. This services might record your computer mouse clicks, computer mouse movements, scrolling activity, and also any message you type. ESRI captures the data and maintains and also uses the data in accordance with ESRI"s terms of use and also ESRI"s privacy policy. ESRI will certainly permit you to accessibility and correct information around you in your database if you contact info