So-called "flesh-eating bacteria" is present in water at neighborhood beaches — but is the dangerous to walk swimming?
Not an extremely — that’s follow to the U.S. Centers for disease Control and Prevention.

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A young boy is recovering from so-called “flesh-eating bacteria,” ~ his mother says he was diagnosed with a Vibrio infection, ~ a visit to s City.

The boy’s mother, Brittany Carey, said in a facebook post, she son had been swim in the Sinepuxent Bay, phibìc of the bridge in between West s City and also the downtown area. She contained photos that his dispersing sores, which are currently healing well.

Health officials say severe cases of vibriosis room rare, and water is safe to swim in.

According to the CDC, Vibrio bacteria naturally live in certain seaside waters and also are current in higher concentrations in between May and October when water temperatures space warmer. Vibriosis reasons an approximated 80,000 illnesses and 100 deaths, per year.

Most human being get vibriosis from eat raw and undercooked shellfish, an especially oysters. The symptoms are watery diarrhea and cramping.

In rarely cases, Vibrio can enter a body v an open wound — consisting of a cut or a scrape — after call with brackish water, which is found in bays, near where rivers satisfy the ocean.

People with endangered immune systems, specifically those v chronic liver disease are much more likely to obtain vibriosis.

The CDC claims to mitigate the opportunity of getting vibriosis, avoid contact with salt water or brackish water, or cover the wound with a waterproof bandage, and shower after ~ swimming.

Maryland’s department of Health argues wearing water shoes and carrying hand sanitizer so the wounds that happen during contact with water have the right to be cleaned immediately.

The key thing come remember, according to the CDC: If a wound seems to be infected after contact with salt or brackish water, check out a doctor promptly.

Vibrio infection is diagnosed once the bacteria are found in the stool, wound or blood the a patience who has symptoms of vibriosis. In gentle cases, therapy is not needed, however patients need to drink many of liquids to replace fluids lost through diarrhea.

According come the CDC, most human being with mild condition recover after around three days.

However, civilization with Vibrio vulnificus — or flesh-eating — bacteria can gain seriously ill, v necrotizing wounds, which could require amputation.

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“About 1 in 5 world with this type of epidemic die, occasionally within a day or two of ending up being ill,” follow to the CDC.