A Christmas Story actors reunion around the leg lamp at A Christmas Story Convention.From left to right Ian Petrella (Randy), Zack Ward (Scut Farkus), Tedde Moore (Miss Shields),Yano Anaya (Grover Dill), Dwayne McClean (Black Bart), Scott Schwartz (Flick), Patty Lafontaine (Elf), drew Hocevar (Elf) and Jim Moralevitz (Freight Man).

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Peter Billingsley (Ralphie Parker)

Then: prior to fist-fighting bullies ~ above his search for a BB gun as Ralphie Parker, Billingsley to be a child actor in fine over 100 TV advertisement — including him portraying Messy Marvin for Hershey’s chocolate Syrup. Together the dumb-lucked Ralphie Parker, Billingsley delieverd among the most famous child actor performances in movie history. The picture of him, through glasses and a laugh on his face, acquiring pushed under a lengthy slide by the boots of a stern department keep Santa Claus is indelible.

Now: Billingsley has acted on regular basis his entire life, yet much of his occupational recently has been ~ above the various other side the the camera. After ~ striking up a friendship with Vince Vaughn in the 1990 made-for-TV movie ‘CBS Schoolbreak Special: The 4th Man’and consequently friending Jon Favreau, Billingsley has gone top top to create several jobs with lock (‘Dinner for Five,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Four Christmases’). In 2009, he even directed his pals in the comedy ‘Couples Retreat.’ In 2010 he returned to his ‘A Christmas Story’ roots as executive director of ‘A Christmas Story The Musical.’


Darren McGavin (Mr. Parker, aka The Old Man)

Then: until ‘A Christmas Story,’ McGavin had actually been recognized primarily for his TV acting; he played the title duties on ‘Mike Hammer’ and also ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker,’ and a collection regular ~ above the western ‘Riverboat.’ McGavin stole scenes as the sailor-mouthed Parker pop, that was as delusional about his handiness with residence appliances as he was around his very own swearing, and in the end, the “heroically” buys the boy that waiting rifle.

Now: McGavin continued to act in movies and also TV till his death in 2006 at the period of 83. The highlight of this exhilaration career (besides playing Adam Sandler’s dad in ‘Billy Madison’) came in 1990 as soon as McGavin was nominated because that an Emmy compensation for outstanding Guest actor in a Comedy series for ‘Murphy Brown.’


Melinda Dillon (Mrs. Parker)

Then: Melinda Dillon play the ever-doting mother of the Parker family and the very first to warn the key character that he might lose an eye through the infamous BB gun. Dillon’s many acclaimed front performances had actually come in two Oscar-nominated performances, in ‘Close meet of the third Kind’ and ‘Absence the Malice.’ She had additionally earned as a golden Globe nomination because that the Woody Guthrie biopic ‘Bound because that Glory.’

Now: Dillon is mainly a private person, yet has ongoing to act. After ‘A Christmas Story,’ she showed up not only in ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ but likewise had a memorable role in Paul thomas Anderson’s ‘Magnolia’ as TV game present host Jimmy Gator’s wife. She has likewise appeared in much more than a dozen TV movies and also made guest star figure in ‘Law and Order: SVU’ and ‘Heartland.’


Ian Petrella (Randy Parker)Then: Petrella’s exhilaration career had started at age three however landing the function of Ralphie’s younger brother, Randy, in ‘A Christmas Story,’ to be his large break. Interestingly, while Petrella was not recognized automatically for his solid performance, 2 years later on he to be nominated for a Young Artist Award for the role.

Now: Petrella continued to act, and at 17, to be the youngest member the the famed L.A. Comedy troupe the Groundlings. Later, Ian discovered a love for puppetry, i beg your pardon he functioned on and also studied about the world. He also studied animation and continues cartooning come this day.


Scott Schwartz (Flick)Then: prior to being “triple dog dared” into licking a frozen flagpole as among Ralphie’s friends, Schwartz had actually made his film debut in the Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason comedy ‘The Toy.’

Now: In 1987, Schwartz, with his father, began managing a sports and also movie memorabilia collectibles keep ingeniously called Baseball Cards – Movie Collectibles Etc. After a questionable foray into adult movies in the 1990s, Schwartz went back to the collectibles company and, in 2006, started a line of celebrity-based trade cards. He still appears in the strange direct-to-video movie.


R.D. Robb (Schwartz)Then: Robb make his exhilaration debut in ‘A Christmas Story,’ playing Ralphie’s various other friend, Schwartz. (He was associated in the “tongue grounding to the flagpole” gambit.)

Now: Robb walk on to appear in several TV shows and movies, most notably ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ (as Charlie Anderson). In the past decade, Robb has transitioned come a producer role; he has fifty percent a dozen direct-to-rental features to his name. Robb’s most interesting post-‘ACS’ job was ‘Don’s Plum,’ the scandalous 1995 short film that directed, i m sorry featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Robb and co-producer john Schindler tried to relax the short as a feature-length movie, however were blocked by a law suit native DiCaprio and Maguire.


Zack Ward (Scut Farkus)Then: In the lengthy list of an excellent 1980’s bullies, Ward’s portrayal that the yellow-eyed Scut Farkus sits close to the top. This role marked the Canadian born Ward’s acting debut.

Now: yet it definitely did not mark the end of his career, due to the fact that Zack Ward has continuously functioned in TV and also movies ever since. Native 1983 to 2010, he showed up in 80-plus jobs — he’s turned up in whatever from ‘Dollhouse’ to ‘The Transformers’ to ‘Deadwood’ to ‘Resident Evil: Apocalypse’ to ‘CSI’ and also so on and so on.


Yano Anaya (Grover Dill)Then: Born in London, England, Anaya play bully Scut Farkus’ “toadie” pal Grover, who helps antagonize Ralphie.

Now: If you’re a fan of valve Halen (and that isn’t?), you may remember Anaya as the young Michael Anthony in the music video clip for ‘Hot for Teacher.’ Anaya additionally appeared together a paperboy in ‘Better off Dead,’ but stopped exhilaration not long after that.


Patty Johnson (head elf), drew Hocevar (male elf), and Jeff Gillen(Santa)Then: In a critical scene in the movie, the two villainous elves manhandle kids waiting come sit top top the lap the Santa, that then inadvertently scares the kids and also shoves them under a slide (trust us, it’s funny). Hocevar and Johnson had actually no skilled movie exhilaration experience, yet both had worked at one time or one more as elves at Higbee’s, a department save in Ohio (where the film was shot). Together for Gillen, the had showed up in several of director Bob Clark’s previously movies, such together ‘Children Shouldn’t Play through Dead Things’ and also ‘She-Man.’

Now: Like many others, Johnson, Hocevar and also Gillen got to their thespian zenith v ‘A Christmas Story.’ Gillen created great Southern Studios, a production company in north Miami Beach, Florida, and also was the president until 1995, when he endured a fatal love attack. Patty Johnson and also Drew Hocevar continue to live in Ohio, where both space employed as teachers.


Tedde Moore (Miss Shields)

Then: Miss Shields to be a good teacher, constantly looking the end for Ralphie’s ideal interest and attemping, to no avail, come dissuade him from wanting the Red Ryder BB gun. The chalkboard from her classroom hangs in the home museum.

Now: As for Tedde Moore, she’s gone on to star in the sequel, ‘It operation in the Family’ again together Ralphie’s teacher, and in ‘RoboCop: prime Directives.’ She’s at this time filming a movie, ‘Down the road Again,’ in i beg your pardon she’ll star as Annie in 2011.


Leslie Carlson (Tree Man)

Then: Leslie Carlson popped increase in ‘A Christmas Story’ as the male who marketed Christmas trees. Due to the fact that trying to offer the Parkers a bum tree, he’s been a huge movie and also TV actor.

Now: Carlson continued to act in movies and TV till his death in 2014 in ~ the age of 81. His biggest movies were ‘Deranged’ and ‘Black Christmas.’ His tv credits encompass ‘The Twilight Zone’ and also ‘The X-Files.’


Dwayne McLean (Black Bart)

Then: Ralphie goes right into fantasy land, dreaming around his Red Ryder BB gun. Dwayne McLean was one of the bandits the he to be shooting at. If it was a bit part in ‘A Christmas Story,’ through no way is McLean a tiny actor.

Now: In fact, he’s mainly known as a stuntman. He’s performed in ‘X-Men’ earlier in 2000, ‘Four Brothers’ in 2005, and ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ in 2007, just to surname a few. McLean additionally popped back into acting as Father McKinny in ‘The Boondock Saints 2: all Saints Day’ in 2009. He deserve to been seen now in the TV series, ‘Cra$h and also Burn’ as the drunk bus driver.


Jean Shepherd (writer, narrator)Then: Jean Shepherd narrated ‘A Christmas Story,’ giving voice to the adult Ralphie Parker, which provides sense since he wrote the Christmas adventure based on semi-fictional stories from his own childhood in Hammond, Indiana. Shepherd’s screenplay has previously released material from numerous of his books. Also, Shepherd knew his way around a microphone, together he had actually a an extremely popular three-decade radio career, during which that told stories, read poetry and organized listener stunts.

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Now: Jean Shepherd never stopped creating and also delighting audiences. Indigenous 1948 onward, he put on live reflects at major universities and also theaters, and after ‘A Christmas Story,’ he effectively focused his initiatives in television, many notably ~ above PBS. Shepherd died in 1999 of organic causes.


Bob Clark (director)Then: prior to directing this perennial vacation classic, Bob Clark had actually helped pioneer 2 now-ubiquitous movies genres: the slasher flick and the teenager sex comedy. The previous he touch on with the 1974 fear film ‘Black Christmas,’ and the last with the phenomenally popular 1981 romp ‘Porky’s.’ Clark wrote, produced and directed ‘Porky’s’ and also its not-so-memorable 1983 sequel, yet ultimately that left the franchise and also had no hand in the trilogy-completing ‘Porky’s Revenge.’

Now: Clark continued to straight TV shows and movies up until his untimely fatality in 2007. His perform of credits is populated by many B-movies, and also Clark to be the brainchild behind the mostly panned ‘Baby Geniuses’ and also ‘SuperBabies: infant Geniuses 2.’ Bob Clark also directed a movie that has arguably the many hysterical premise ever: the 2004 made-for-TV movie ‘The Karate Dog.’