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Direct flights native Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International

Want to paris non-stop priziv.orge Los Angeles International? We’ll help you find your appropriate route.

AVERAGE trip TIME15 hrs 23 minsCHEAPEST direct RETURN$904 typical FLIGHTS every WEEK16AIRLINES the FLY DIRECT

Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International: alternate routes

priziv.orgpare courses from Singapore Changi priziv.orge Los Angeles below. Girlfriend may find an airport priziv.orge fly right into that's cheaper, faster, or much easier than Los Angeles International.

Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International: flight information

The points to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average trip time

15 hrs 23 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Most famous airline

Singapore Airlines

Flights every week


Time difference between Singapore Changi and also Los Angeles International

-16 hrs(GMT -8)



COVID-19 travel restrictions are an altering fast, yet we"re right here to assist you find the advice friend need. Examine our live page on United says travel constraints to watch if you deserve to travel from Singapore Changi priziv.orge Los Angeles International, and if you"ll should quarantine ~ above arrival.
There space 3 airports in Los Angeles: Los Angeles International, Los Angeles Century City and Los Angeles valve Nuys.
The best price discovered on because that a trip from Singapore Changi to Los Angeles worldwide is $903. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the totality month.
As the December, there room 6 flights every week flying from Singapore Changi to Los Angeles International.

Flying from Singapore to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that sun, beaches, and sceneries perfect for movie backgrounds. Home of Hollywood and various arts scenes, Los Angeles uses galleries, iconic architectures, theatres, museums, hipster coffee shops, and colourful neighbourhoods. Los Angeles global Airport (LAX) is the key aviation hub of the city.

Airlines the fly native Singapore Changi (SIN) priziv.orge Los Angeles international Airport (LAX)

Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, and Air China administer daily flights, v one stopover in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, respectively. EVA Air and China airlines both sell flights through one stopover in Taipei. Brothers Airways and KLM offer flights v one stopover in London and Amsterdam. Emirates offers trip with one stopover in Dubai.

The trip duration ranges in between 23 and 31 hours, depending upon the route. There space no low-cost carrier that carry out Singapore to Los Angeles cheap flights.

Arrival at Los Angeles international Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles international Airport has eight domestic terminals and one international terminal (Tom Bradley Terminal). International passengers who are eligible because that Visa Waiver regime (and have used through the electronic system) can get in without a visa. Singapore is one of the nations that are had in the united state visa waiver program. Any kind of food assets must it is in declared due to the fact that most of them space prohibited from entering the US.

Passengers have the right to travel for totally free with Metro green Line train, which boards native the G spaceship at LAX shuttle & Airline Connections, located near every priziv.orge level in all terminals. To continue exploring the city through a bus, usage C spaceship to go to metro Bus Station.

Car rental is the best method to check out Los Angeles. Uncover out more about Los Angeles auto rental service on Uncover your hotel conveniently using hotels in Los Angeles details on

Los Angeles worldwide Airport (LAX) Information

Los Angeles international Airport offers totally free Wi-Fi in every terminals. Star Alliance Lounge is accessible for passengers who take cheap flights indigenous Singapore priziv.orge Los Angeles (purchasing a day pass is required). The private Suite is obtainable only because that members, through amenities such as exclusive pantry and bedroom, a daybed, and also BMW car for transfer straight to the plane.

All terminals have actually food establishments, through menus varying from burger and also sandwich to worldwide cuisines. Money exchange services are easily accessible in both departure and arrival floors.

Los Angeles repriziv.orgmendations

Sightseeing tour is just one of the most popular things to execute in Los Angeles. There are several famous tour destinations, including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Larchmont Village, Santa Monica, and Griffith Observatory. Don’t forget to take images near the renowned Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood go of Fame.

Nature lovers deserve to visit Griffith Park, a spacious city park v horseback riding and also hiking treks. It has actually a playground, golf and tennis courts, and a little theme park. Head priziv.orge Venice beach to check out all species of personalities gather and witness unique street performances along the way.

Los Angeles is a home of numerous restaurants and coffee shops through eclectic menus. Venice area has actually several famous eateries, such together Gjelina (pizzeria), Intelligentsia Coffee (upscale coffee shop), and also Café Gratitude (vegan café). Because that something more romantic, Perch in downtown L. A. Offers rooftop tables, perfect for dining while watching the sunset.

Frequently request questions around flights indigenous Singapore to Los Angeles

What is the time difference between Singapore and also Los Angeles?

Singapore (GMT+8) is 16 hrs ahead of Los Angeles (GMT-8)

What is the weather prefer in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has actually a Mediterranean climate, through hot, dried summer and also rainy winter. The average temperature is in between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius throughout the day. November to might is the wettest period.

What is the exchange rate in between SGD and USD?

As every 28 November 2018, SGD1 1 = USD 0.73

What is the average price of a meal in Los Angeles?

A cheap enjoy the meal in Singapore costs around SGD 8, and around USD 15.50 (SGD 21.35) in Los Angeles. Meals for two at a mid-range restaurant may cost roughly SGD 35.13 in Singapore and USD 69 (SGD 95.06) in Los Angeles.

What is the average expense of a hotel in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has many luxurious and mid-tier acpriziv.orgmodations. Four and five-star hotels might cost between SGD 464 and also 12,843 every night. Mid-tier hotel prices start from roughly SGD 323 priziv.orge 2,397 per night, depending upon facilities and locations.

Getting indigenous Singapore Changi priziv.orge Los Angeles

Singapore Changi serves Singapore to Los Angeles flights, with one and two stopovers depending on flights. The airport consists of 4 terminals, v the 5th is at this time in development. Most international flights are offered from Terminal 3, including flights v Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, and Air China.

Train is a convenient method to reach Changi. Passengers can board a train from Tanah Merah Station, v the an initial train departing in ~ 05.20 and also the last one at 23.50. Getting here passengers at Changi have the right to board the train from Terminal 2 or 3 priziv.orge the city. The an initial train departs native the airport in ~ 05.31, and also the last at 23.18. Passengers deserve to buy EZ-Link map for cheap lot of train rides. The train ride in between the city and also the airplane is about 25 minutes.

Taxi is the many flexible means to go to the city indigenous Changi. Taxi booths are easily accessible in all terminals. Continuous taxis cost roughly SGD 20 to 30 (SGD 30 priziv.orge 35 during peak hours). The pilgrimage is around 30 minute long.

Changi airport provides totally free Wi-Fi in all areas. Terminal 1 priziv.orge 4 space surrounded through charging ports, lounge rooms, baby care rooms, ATMs, stores, and clinics. Passengers have the right to eat, shop, watch movies, and also enjoy a beautiful garden while wait for their flights.

How to find cheap flights native Singapore to Los Angeles with is an international search engine visited by end 70 million tourists each year. The website helps you priziv.orgpare prices from airline such as Air China, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, China Eastern, KLM, brothers Airways, and also Emirates.

Find her Singapore to Los Angeles flights making use of Cheapest Month feature, which help you discover the cheapest ticket in a month.

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Price alert is a function that instantly informs around price alters in Singapore to Los Angeles tickets. Obtain this information right away when the alarm is turned on.