*Fares presented below are obtainable at the start of every day, however may sell out. Added baggage fees and also fees for various other services may apply. Other terms and conditions might apply.

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*Fares presented below are easily accessible at the beginning of every day, but may sell out. Extr baggage fees and also fees for various other services may apply. Various other terms and also conditions might apply.

Newark to Orlando: whatever You have to Know

Located in the center of Florida, Orlando is one exciting location for all ages. It’s recognized as the design template Park resources of the human being for a an excellent reason.

Find must-see attractions inside universal Studios, consisting of The Wizarding civilization of bother Potter. While you’re there, grab a wand and also board the hogwart Express before flying choose a superhero ~ above the lightning-fast significant Hulk roller coaster end at archipelago of Adventure.

Walt Disney World, recognized as the most Magical location on Earth, offers four epic theme parks come explore. In a galaxy not so far away, you’ll uncover the hugely guess Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge in Hollywood Studios. Take a (virtual) cave gliding trip about the people in Epcot and end your night v a bang watching the spectacular fireworks display at Magic Kingdom.

For nature lovers, Orlando is a sky filled through lush landscapes and unique wildlife. Go on a safari in Disney World’s animal Kingdom, visit Gatorland and also snap a pic v a 6-foot alligator, swim with dolphins at SeaWorld’s exploration Cove, or head the end to Dade City’s Giraffe Ranch (about one hour indigenous Orlando) to feed a ring-tailed lemur.

Getting native Newark to Orlando

Ready come jet on over to Orlando? Here"s all the information you need around our Newark to Orlando flights.

how long is the trip from Newark come Orlando?

Nonstop flights indigenous EWR to MCO are around 3 hours. Setup to come at Newark Liberty worldwide Airport 2 hours before your flight’s exit so girlfriend have sufficient time come check any kind of bags and complete every TSA screening requirements.

What airports does soul Airlines usage to paris to native Newark come Orlando?

Flights to Orlando depart native Newark Liberty global Airport in Newark, new Jersey.

What is Orlando"s walkability score?

Orlando has an averagewalk scoreof 41, and also is thus a transportation-dependent city. Luckily, the city has thought of everything. Jump on the I-RIDE trolley or the Lynx public transportation to examine out renowned destinations consisting of Downtown Orlando. International Drive, SeaWorld, and also the Orlando worldwide Premium Outlets.

What is the time difference between Newark and also Orlando?

Newark and Orlando both autumn under east time, so over there is no time difference.

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How much away room the airports native Newark"s and Orlando"s city centers?

Orlando global Airport is around 20 minutes by car to the center of downtown Orlando. Head come the Ground transport Concessionaire because that bus, limousine, and van service. Other transportation choices include taxi and also rental car. Several hotels, including Walt Disney World and also Universal Studios, market shuttles native the airport come the hotel. Newark Liberty worldwide Airport is a mere 3 miles from the Newark, brand-new Jersey’s city center.