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All non-active duty personnel must have actually a present passport to gain on NSGB. Friend must obtain passports (for the whole family), prior to arriving. Tourists will require an "Area Clearance" prior to they have the right to be granted entry come NSGB. This must be completed, signed, and also approved in ~ NSGB prior to you can board the plane.

Car repair and also maintenance is available, however parts are an extremely limited. Also, repair facilities are restricted and absence the proper equipment for models 1999 and also newer. Only unleaded 87-octane gas and also diesel fuel is marketed here. Be

Navy Federal credit transaction Union has actually an office conveniently located in the NEX atrium. This NFCU is a non-cash facility. However, members may obtain cash using bank checks at the NEX client Service. Community bank is likewise located in the NEX atrium and also is a cash banking facility. There are 2 ATM"s situated in the NEX atrium.

Mail take away 1-3 weeks to it is in transported between the installation and also the continent U.S. Mailing vulnerable items is risky.All Permanent readjust of station (PCS) transport for military and dependents is via armed forces aircraft native Jacksonville, FL and also Norfolk, VA. The Personnel assistance Detachment (PSD) at your current command will request reservations for you. You must receive one of two people a post or letter which will certainly contain certain reporting indict for your flight. This message/letter will be her "port call."

Naval station Guantanamo only is the forward, ready, and irreplaceable U.S. Sea power platform in the Caribbean. We hold and permit all branches that the U.S. Military, plus several interagency and international partner organizations. We also carry out an outstanding quality of life because that our residents: benefits for Naval station Guantanamo only servicemembers, civilian employees, and their families encompass no-cost housing and utilities, plus accessibility to most amenities and also conveniences you would uncover on other army, consisting of a Commissary, marine Exchange, furniture store, gas station, hospital, dry cleaners, bowling alley, library, and also sports complex. We have college courses available and a merged school for pre-K v 12th grade, and also two Child breakthrough Centers and a Youth Center.

If accepting an accompanied tour, pets (with some restrictions) may accompany employees, and also employees might ship most family goods and also a personal vehicle come NSGB in ~ no expenses to themselves.

Other services include:

family housing comes with significant appliances accessibility to on-base room of Defense institution and activity centers because that teens and youth Employment methods for accompanying family members an extremely short commutes from real estate to work-related sites, and totally free public transportation Cell phone and Internet business with speeds similar to continental U.S. Areas One sponsor Environmental and also Morale trip every 2 years based upon eligibility, and also two Unfunded (but low-cost) space Available trips every year, based on eligibility Weekly flights to the U.S. And Jamaica, both ‘Space Available’ army flights and chartered flights cost-free or cheap recreation prefer scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, bowling, boating, and also beach activities totally free 24-hour Fitness Center cost-free nightly movie showings the first-run movies.

Living and also working in ~ NSGB is not, however, because that everyone. There is no accessibility to the rest of Cuba, and also transiting on and off base (via waiting only) may be challenging at particular times, and also getting a chair on a certain flight is not always guaranteed. The weather is hot or warm all year long, with small change in seasons. While there is an on-base hospital, those with medical conditions requiring constant visits or treatment might not discover their details services available. Mail and also package delivery additionally takes longer than at continent United states locations. Security considerations can influence photography and also other hobbies. And, fan to the location and also challenges the delivery, grocery, dining, and shopping activities are fewer 보다 those uncovered in larger and less secluded places.

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Life in ~ Naval terminal Guantanamo Bay supplies adventure, challenge, and also opportunity unmatched in any type of other locale.