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Mayor Sheldon Neeley

Sheldon Neeley is a lifelong resident of Flint. He is a father, tiny business owner, and a man of God v an enduring appointment to serving his neighbors and his community. 

Born September 20, 1969, in ~ Hurley clinical Center, Neeley is the kid of Marva Neeley and Sam Neeley. That attended Bunche elementary school School and also graduated from Flint northern High institution in 1986. The went on to knife an associate’s level from Delta community College and attended Saginaw sink State University. 

He spent 27 years working as an engineer for WJRT-12 in Flint and also was the neighborhood union president because that the nationwide Association of transfer Employees and Technicians-Communication workers of America until 2020.

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He additionally worked as a counselor in Flint neighborhood Schools for 10 years and served together voluntary CEO the the Flint within City junior Golf League, established by his father. 

His commitment come public business started in 2002 once he join the Flint Civil service Commission, a board that investigates claims of wrongdoing in ~ City Hall. In 2005, the was elected to the City Council, the an initial African-American councilperson elected from the 6th Ward, a racially diverse area serving Flint’s main west side. Re-elected in 2009 and 2013, Neeley successfully passed ordinances come curb truancy and also establish college Avenue by renaming the main corridor in between the college of Michigan-Flint and also Kettering University. 

In 2014, the occupants of Flint chosen Neeley come the state residence of Representatives offer the city’s 34th District. Neeley won almost 50 percent the the vote versus a swimming pool of eight autonomous primary candidates and went on come nab 91 percent that the poll in the basic election. The went ~ above landslide re-election victories in 2016 and 2018.

In the state House, Neeley battled on behalf of the citizens of Flint throughout the Flint Water crisis — helping to lug millions of dollars in assist to the city and changing state regulation to require residents be notified whenever harmful aspects are existing in your drinking water.

On Nov. 5, 2019, the citizens of Flint elected him mayor based on his pledge to carry transparency and fiscal responsibility to Flint City Hall. Within simply a few months, mayor Neeley spearheaded an to work audit come ensure City room operates better and much more efficiently, effectively led the city’s proactive an answer to border the spread out of COVID-19, released a significant initiative to Fight Blight, and continued his lifelong fight because that equity v multiple neighborhood reforms.

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Neeley married Cynthia Renay in 1992. Together, they have actually two children, Taylor and Morgan. The pair also co-own a little business called Make Me over Salon, located on eastern Court Street in Flint.

He is a member the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, one avid golfer that rarely has time come hit the links, and also a sewage champion the Flint who on regular basis sums up his life simply by saying: “I’m blessed.”