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Photo editing and enhancing on Android smartphones and also tablets has actually come a long method over the years. There room a lot of powerful tools built-in at her disposal. However, one thing appears to always be left out: the capability to just flip a photo.

Crop and also rotate are staples of virtually every editing app on Android, however what if you just want to flip an image? some camera apps will take mirrored photos v the front-facing camera. That seems like this would be a simple feature, however it’s not.

For example, Google Photos is one of the most famous photo apps ~ above Android. The editing tools enable you to crop, rotate, and also even change perspective, yet flipping is nowhere to it is in found.

Google image tools

There room a most apps in the Google Play save that target to fix this problem, yet most of them are riddled v ads. The finest solution is an app from Google referred to as “Snapseed.” This is a powerful photo editing and enhancing app, yet we only require the flipping tool.

First, download Snapseed from the Play store on her Android device.


Next, open up the app and tap the big “+” button found in the facility of the screen.

The first time you usage the app, you’ll it is in asked to offer it permission to accessibility media on her device. Madness “Allow” come proceed.

Tap the “+” switch again and also choose the picture that you’d like to flip.

With the photo open in the editor, switch to the “Tools” tab in the bottom bar.

A bunch that photo editing tools will certainly appear. The one that we desire is “Rotate.”

Now tap the flip icon in the bottom bar.

The image will currently be flipped horizontally.

If you’d favor to flip it vertically instead, you have the right to use the rotate button in conjunction with the flip button.


When you’re done, tap the checkmark button in the bottom-right corner.

To conserve the flipped image, choose “Export” in the bottom bar.

There space a number of options for saving the image:

Save will certainly simply produce a copy that the original image.Use Export if you want some extr options after saving.Export As will allow you to conserve the copy to a particular folder.You can additionally Share it straight to an app or contacts.

That’s all there is come it! girlfriend now have a mirrored image. Basic as that.

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Joe FedewaJoe Fedewa is a employee Writer in ~ How-To Geek. He has actually close to a te of experience spanning consumer technology and previously worked as a News Editor at XDA Developers. Joe loves all things technology and is also an avid DIYer at heart. He has actually written hundreds of articles, thousands of tutorials, and also dozens the reviews. Read full Bio »

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