For part women, pregnancy and also the myriad physical changes it brings is an uncomfortable experience; because that others, it's a glorious celebration event of their womanhood. Jessie James Decker plainly falls in the last category, as shown by her latest video clip for "FlIp mine Hair."

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Decker, that is due with her 3rd child this spring, mirrors off she burgeoning belly to full impact in a sleek and also sexy black color catsuit—and proves that pregnant isn't slow her under one bit. She prances, dances, crawls, creeps, and also (yes!) flips she hair...all add by 4 other lover pregnant women, who follow along and also have just as lot fun together she does.

The video clip even consists of yet an additional confident woman-in-training, Decker's cute small daughter Vivianne, who joins in for a quick cameo, twirling about in a cheerleader costume.

The video, return undeniably well-executed and playful, received mixed reviews indigenous viewers. Come the an unfavorable commenters, Decker had a long and pointed response, i m sorry she posted on society media.

"I knew I want to do a music video clip for this track as quickly as I wrote it," she said. "When the question of 'when' I wanted to shoot it come about, I believed to myself do I wait after I have the baby and get my human body in perfect shape like I’m claimed to? Or perform I just take on where ns am at my life, pregnant v my 3rd baby? The price came conveniently after resting on it. I said 'we space shooting a music video even though i am six months pregnant and also we will certainly rock this shit!'⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"I’ve already read few of your comments stating the it’s weird or it renders you uncomfortable or that other successful country female artists would never do this. Well if it provides you uncomfortable then that’s your very own issue. As much as other successful nation artists not doing this? You’re damn right... I am my own artist and also I will continue to refer myself in my very own way," she asserted.

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"I’ve never felt sexier or much more confident 보다 I did during this music video clip shoot. I want to showcase the no issue where you space at in her life, shape, or size you have the right to exude that confidence and also sexuality in your womanhood!"

Decker's new arrival, a son, will certainly join big sister Vivianne (who will certainly be 4 in March) and big brother Eric Jr. (2). Decker's latest video will definitely serve in later years as a nice cool memento in later on years because that the siblings come enjoy!