Can you think Christina Anstead has been in the spotlight for practically a decade? the feels like simply yesterday the California indigenous partnered up through her then-husband Tarek El Moussa for season 1 of HGTV’s upper and lower reversal or Flop. Fast forward over seven years, and also a lot has adjusted in Christina’s life.

While Flip or Flop is still going strong, Christina and Tarek room no much longer romantically involved. The pair, that share youngsters Taylor and Brayden, announced your separation in 2017. Through January 2018, your divorce to be finalized. Much less than a year later, Christina obtained remarried come British TV moderator Ant Anstead

In September 2019, the pair welcomed their an initial child together, a son named Hudson. Indigenous that allude on, Christina and also Ant looked more happiness than ever before raising their mixed family. The U.K. Native has actually two children, Archie and Amelie, native a previous marriage to Louise Anstead.

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Sadly, in September 2020, The Christina ~ above the Coast personality announced your split. “Ant and I have actually made the challenging decision come separate,” she began her Instagram post. “We room grateful for each other and as always, our youngsters will continue to be our priority. We appreciate your support and also ask for privacy because that us and also our household as us navigate the future.”

Thankfully, there shows up to it is in no poor blood in between the previous flames. “No one witnessed this coming. I’m hearing that Christina and also Ant just thrived apart,” a source exclusively said Life & Style in ~ the time. “They’re really different people from completely different backgrounds, and also that absolutely played a factor. Friends speak Ant to be the first one that started having feelings around splitting.”

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According come the insider, Ant and also Christina “say they still love and respect every other” regardless of calling the quits. “The conversations about splitting were gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, but they both came to the very same conclusion and also decided it no going to it is in a life time marriage.”

As for how their divorce affects Hudson? Christina and Ant have “promised come coparent their kid respectfully without placing reprimand on one of two people parent,” a separate source told Life & Style. Clearly, Christina has faced many challenges because becoming famous — yet she constantly manages to keep her head held high!

To see photos of exactly how much Christina Anstead has changed since Flip or Flop aired, scroll with the collection below.