If you a huge fan of Christina Haack, it’s most likely you’re acquainted with the ins and outs of she love life. After ~ all, the longtime flip or Flop star has had actually two extremely publicized relationships — and breakups — with ex-husbands Tarek El Moussa and also Ant Anstead.

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However, Christina’s dating background is a bit more complex than most people realize. After splitting from Tarek in January 2017, the Christina ~ above the Coast personality had actually a quick relationship with contractor Gary Anderson.


According come In Touch, she date Gary for a few months in march 2017 prior to things quickly fizzled out. One insider close to the handyman called the publication he didn’t “like being around” Christina’s kids Taylor and Brayden, whom she shares v Tarek. 

The California aboriginal didn’t stay single for too long after Gary. On the fourth of July that year, Christina and also businessman Doug Spedding were spotted packing on the PDA throughout a boating trip. Even so, their partnership was over by October.

Shortly thereafter, news broke that Doug gotten in an inpatient rehabilitation center for addiction. “Christina supports Doug’s decision to look for treatment and also remains in contact to support his recovery,” a resource told Us Weekly in ~ the time.


Three months later, Christina and also Ant began sparking dating rumors — and also by December 2018, they were married! In march 2019, the HGTV fan-favorite announced she and also the U.K. Aboriginal were expecting their very first child together. In September, your son, Hudson London Anstead, to be born. 

Since calling that quits in September 2020, Christina and Ant, who shares children Amelie and also Archie with ex-wife Louise Anstead, are committed come making their children priority No. 1. “They’ve promised come coparent their son respectfully there is no placing reference on either parent,” a source exclusively revealed to Life & style in September 2020. “Custody will be worked out, yet Ant doesn’t plan on separating Hudson native his siblings.” 

On the heels the her and Ant’s divorce finalizing in June 2021, Christina uncovered love as soon as again v fiancé Joshua Hall.

To learn an ext about Christina Haack’s complete dating history, scroll with the collection below!


Tarek El Moussa

Christina and also Tarek were married for nine years. Due to the fact that then, the Flipping 101 host has moved on v fiancée Heather Rae Young.


Ant Anstead

All in, Christina and also Ant were together for less than two years. An insider called Life & Style the truth TV stars “grew apart.”


Doug Spedding

Christina and also Doug began seeing each various other in February 2017, making it her third longest relationship to date.

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Gary Anderson

In Touch reported that Gary and also Christina very first met in 2015 ~ she and Tarek hired him to occupational on your pool.