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The Flip or Flop star verified off her bun in the cooktop on Thursday, acquisition to Instagram Story come share a photo of it s her wearing a black color bikini.

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"34 weeks. This week infant is the size of a coconut," the expectant mommy wrote alongside her bare-belly selfie. She additionally posted a photograph of her baby boy"s sonogram, writing, "34 weeks. No picture please. #babyanstead."

Christina is expecting her third child, her very first with husband Ant Anstead. The HGTV star likewise shares two kids with she ex-husband and also Flip or Flop co-star,Tarek El Moussa: daughter Taylor and son Brayden.

Thursday clues the brand-new season of Flip that Flop. ahead of the premiere, ET likewise has an to exclude, clip of the episode, whereby Tarek and also Christina talk around parenting and making a dual household occupational for your now-blended families.

"Did friend say the tuition is early out for your schools?" Tarek asks, through Christina, replying, "Mhmm, both your schools." See an ext in the player above.

In the premiere episode, the former pair buys a synopsis four-bedroom residential property in Rowland Heights that has an illegal addition, sloping floor and a noisy parkway nearby. However, with its desirable location, pool and also neighborhood, the 2 decide the house will have large potential once they change it into a gorgeous household home.

Tarek and Christina separated critical year, v the soon-to-be mother-of-three marrying Ant in December. Critical month, Tarek to be spotted packing on the PDA v real-estate expert and TV personality heather Rae Young.

The exes have been open about their relationship post-divorce. Critical month, ET spokewith Christina, wherein she revealed how she called Tarek about her pregnancy.

See much more in the video clip below.

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Flip or Flops airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT top top HGTV.


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