Tarek El Moussa is opened up around his estranged wife’s relationship with contractor Gary Anderson, saying that the connection “bothered me.”

In an interview published by united state Magazine ~ above Thursday, the “Flip or Flop” star admitted that Christina El Moussa hooking up with Anderson, a contractor that has functioned with the couple, acquired under his skin initially.

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“It bothered me . But she deserve to live she life. I’ve totally moved on,” El Moussa said.

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While Christina El Moussa reportedly took up with Anderson following her break-up from Tarek, she too has actually moved on; Christina’s spokeswoman said priziv.org critical month the the female fifty percent of the “Flip or Flop” duo is right now single.

“Christina is single and being in a partnership is the last thing on her mind,” El Moussa’s spokesperson said. “She is acquisition this time to emphasis on her children and herself.”

Tarek likewise sought lull in the eight of one more following the split, date Alyssa Logan, the nanny of the couple’s two children. When Tarek told us Magazine the Logan is “amazing,” he detailed that the is no longer seeing her.

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“I did day her for a month. I was going through a hard time, and she’s amazing,” El Moussa recalled. “I never held hands v her approximately the kids, though. Now I’m not dating anyone specifically. It will certainly be a lengthy time before I’m in a relationship.”

The El Moussas announced their separation after seven years of marriage in a explain to civilization in December, acknowledging, “Like many couples, we have actually had obstacles in our marital relationship … We had actually an unfortunate misunderstanding around six months earlier and the police were dubbed to our house in an abundance of caution. There was no violence and no charges to be filed.”

According to the couple, they damaged up adhering to a may incident during which law enforcement comment to a contact of a “possibly suicidal male with a gun.” The call was make after Tarek recall a gun native a for sure in the couple’s Orange County, California, home and also wandered into adjacent Chino Hills State Park.

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Tarek called deputies that he top to the park to “blow off some steam,” and also that he carried the gun with him as protection versus mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

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“Flip or Flop,” which premiered in 2013, revolves approximately the El Moussas, actual estate agents who buy distressed properties and renovate them.