photos of Gary Anderson, the new boyfriend that Christina El Moussa and the guy who may or may not be responsible for she divorce native husband and also Flip or Flop co-star Tarek El Moussa, have proved difficult to come by. The 57-year-old pool contractor was greatly out of public life until he ended up being attached come Christina, and now observers that their partnership are normally curious about what he looks like.

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Thanks to the help of some paparazzi, an anonymous inside source speaking to In Touch Weekly, and also some an excellent old-fashioned investigative journalism, it shows up that a precious couple of photos of Anderson have actually made their way to the media.

Last week, In Touch Weekly published a picture of Christina El Moussa walking hand in hand through Anderson. Specifics Christina and also Gary to be spotted acquisition a stroll around the affluent pool contractor"s community of Yorba Linda, California, top top January 26. Follow to an unnamed insider close come the couple, castle are rather happy.

Flip or Flop"s Christina El Moussa stepped out with her new boyfriend Gary Anderson this week:

— E! News (
enews) February 4, 2017

"They appeared so relaxed and also comfortable with each other — entirely in sync. Christina looked adoringly in ~ him. She was beaming!hey had big smiles. You can see the spark is there.""Flip or Flop" Divorce: see Photos that Christina El Moussa"s Boyfriend, Gary Anderson

— Carolina Blanco (
Nnablanko) February 3, 2017

"Gary seems enamored with Christina... Gary"s to be there for she while she"s gone through hell with Tarek."
"She loves his daughters Kacey and Kristen and treats them like her finest friends."

As you most likely know, Gary Anderson was at least component of the reason for Christina and also Tarek El Moussa"s divorce, follow to a vault report by the The trouble began for the former Flip or Flop pair late critical year once news damaged that Christina and Tarek had been feuding in their marriage. Officially, the imbroglio dates ago to 2015, once the pair was remodeling a pool. They hired Gary Anderson, a well-to-do, older divorced man.

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As that would later on turn out, Christina"s connection to Gary might not have actually been strictly experienced at the time, according to an cotton insider speak to In Touch.

"Christina flourished close to Gary. Tarek to be suspicious that she was getting associated with someone however had no concrete evidence.""There to be secrets, lies, allegations of cheating, spying on every other, and also screaming matches. It to be the ultimate house of horrors.""Flip or Flop" Divorce: Gary Anderson and also Christina El Moussa Are currently Having problems EXCLUSIVE