It’s highly ironic that the hosts of a display called Flip or Flop ended up v such a massive flop on their hands.

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The present portrays the couple turning decrepit properties right into enviable homes and also making a hefty profit in the process. It appears like every little thing Tarek and Christina touch turns to gold — even during episodes through unexpected issues, the pair constantly managed to do money top top their home flips.

Tarek and Christina’s an individual life is a various story. Your divorce to be finalized in January 2018, and after life in their dream house solo because that a few months, Christina opted to list it and move her family members elsewhere. This is why they at some point took a $500,000 hit on the property.

Their house didn’t have actually time come appreciate


The house sold because that a portion of what they paid. | very first Team Estates

One that the ideal ways to gain major equity in your residence is come wait a when before turning around and selling it. Tarek and Christina purchased your five-bedroom, 8.5-bath Mediterranean mansion in Yorba Linda in 2013, so that hasn’t had much time come appreciate.

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The perform price to be high, but not sufficient to recoup what castle spent


The exes lost money on the deal. | Jerod Harris/Getty photos for Lakewood Center

Property records display that the El Moussas purchase the property for $2 million and then dumped $1.5 million top top renovations, happen their complete spend to $3.5 million. Even though the building sold in a quick two weeks, it just fetched $2,995,000 — a lose of around $500,000.

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The couple spent too lot on renovations


They renovated the house twice in the brief time they lived there. | HGTV

Not just did the pair sink $1.5 million on renovations — castle did several of it twice.

As Tarek said People, “We assumed it would certainly take about six month to end up our house, and it actually took 2 years. We actually kind of remodeled our residence twice. The very first remodel was about 25% in, and it to be a completely different look—it was more browns, beige, an ext of a rustic look.”

But then together the renovations acquired going, Christina realized she didn’t like it.

“As it began I was, like, ‘I just love gray, black, and white, and I really want to relocate forward with that look.’ So us just ended up clearing every little thing out and starting fresh,” she explained.

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The El Moussas never intended come move


The couple weren’t plan on leave anytime soon. | HGTV

There’s a difference between flipping a home to do a profit and renovating a house you plan to remain in forever. Tarek and Christina believed they’d stay in their home indefinitely, i m sorry is why they were willing to spend so much cash ~ above the renovation and redo part of that in the middle. That’s also why the property finished up selling for so much less than they invested on it.

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It has exceptionally personalized elements


They personalized the home to their particular tastes. | very first Team Estates

It’s obvious that the El Moussas didn’t arrangement to sell. Rather of doing renovations that would certainly appeal come a wide audience, they integrated personalized facets such as removing two bedrooms to produce a huge gym. Those kinds of alters don’t very nice one to every buyers and also are part of what ended up costing them.

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The home was over-renovated


Real heritage experts think about the house “a flop.” | first Team Estates

Spending $1.5 million top top a renovation is excessive, especially because the home was just developed in 2004 and also probably didn’t need that lot work. According to California actual estate developer Tyler Drew, the home is “gaudy, over-renovated, and backing up alongside a hill that captures on fire every 5 years. It’s additionally a cool million dollars overpriced for comparable properties. This is a flop, hand down.”

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The renovation may have actually hurt your marriage


Did the house add to the collapse of your marriage? | HGTV

Renovating have the right to put a large amount of stress and anxiety on a relationship. When it’s not guaranteed the the large renovation brought about Tarek and also Christina to break up, the added tension absolutely didn’t help soothe any of your existing problems.

“Often couples will method me stating they want to do a major renovation. My first question is not where or just how much, but how is her marriage?” Bruce Ailion, a real estate agent and lawyer in Atlanta called

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They learned critical lesson


The couple are still working with each other on the show. | HGTV

Even though Tarek and also Christina are divorced now, they’ll proceed making Flip or Flop episodes because that the foreseeable future. This loss will hopefully offer as critical lesson for future projects.

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In stimulate to save making profits, Tarek and also Christina will have to keep their emotions out of renovations and shot not come over-improve any type of of their flip properties. Quite than opting because that impractical finishes or too much details, appeal to the broadest audience possible is the best means for them to stop future flops.

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